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    Cubical Drift is an independent games development studio based in Cannes (France).

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    The studio officially closed in December 2018 due to lack of funds. The game Stellar Overload was left unfinished. The CEO made this announcement on the game's Steam community page:

    NeoM_CD [developer] 15 Nov, 2018 @ 11:44am

    Stellar Overload : the end

    Here is an important message to all the community.

    As some of you may already know, one year ago, I fired all the team that was making the game due to the lack of funds. We were 15 French people at that time, all employees from Cubical Drift. Sadly, the early access did not sell as planned, we needed 100 000 units, and we barely managed to sell 10 000 units.

    Stellar overload was a big project, perhaps it was too big for me to be my first game. We spend 1.5 million of euro (money from myself, private investors, backers and half of it from the French government) to bring the game on early access, and I needed the same amount to finish it.

    Sadly too, during the last year, I didn’t successfully convince video game professionals to finance the end of project. The main reason was to be on steam since 2016, project was “obsolete” before being finished.

    So today it’s the end, Cubical Drift will go bankrupt in some weeks as I can do nothing to pay off the debts it contracted during the last 5 years.

    That means also, legally speaking, I need to remove the game from steam store.

    I hope you enjoyed the early access as much we enjoyed making it!

    This was a crazy and incredible adventure for me, even if I cannot end it in a happy way.

    I will not be able to thank you all enough to have made all this possible (backers from Kickstarter, buyers from our website or from here on Steam)!

    I will see you again, perhaps, for a future video game production, because that will not stop me to continue to “work” for my passion: video games.

    Best regards,

    Michel – aka NeoM

    CEO Cubical Drift


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