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Cubixx is a puzzle game released as a PlayStation Mini on the PlayStation Network. Developed by Laughing Jackal, Cubixx requires you to draw lines to burn off parts of a cube while avoiding enemies. The game is similar in concept to the Taito developed arcade game, Qix.

Cubixx is available on PlayStation Network for 4$.


Burn that cube!
Burn that cube!

In Cubixx, you must move your little cursor around and "burn" off segments of a cube. The cursor moves on the outline of the cube, L or R let you enter one of the faces of the cube to start burning it off. You control your cursor with the face buttons or analogue stick. You must make a line that starts and ends on one of the outlines of the cube. You cannot go back on your own line or hit your own line and you must keep moving or else your own line will kill you. There are also enemies that float around on the cube's faces, of course if they touch your line, you die.

Your objective in Cubixx is to burn away a certain percent of the cube and earning points (there are no online leader boards on the PSP version of the game). By making a nonstop line from one face of the cube to the next, you can build up a multiplier, earning more points in the process. A stage is completed once the required percent is reached. Note that the game does not save your stage meaning if you die or turn off your system, you will have to start from Stage 1 the next time you play.

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