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Cordelia von Feuerbach hails from a rich family in Arland and a childhood friend of Rorolina Frixell. She's self-aware of her reputation of hailing from a rich family and short height. She gets mocked frequently when she visits Rorona's workshop by Astrid. Astrid purposely created Hom to be an inch and a quarter higher than her to mock Cory's short stature.

Cory used the kingdom's job request front to gather gifts from Rorona without her knowledge and awarding her a lot of money for her efforts. She was also ecstatic over receiving a green stone from Rorona that resulted from a failed synthesis. Rorona eventually finds out that Cory was the one with the front quests that had the large monetary awards and the two had a falling out, which results in Cory dropping and breaking the green stone into many small shards during an argument. After consulting Astrid to mend her friendship, she takes the broken shards to Hagel to forge two matching pendants. Cory then visits Rorona at her workshop and reveals the matching pendants and making up their friendship.

Cory also shows affection to Gio due to his "gentlemen manners."

At the end of the Atelier Rorona, if the player successfully earns all of Cory's flags, Cory goes in and makes herself the manager of Rorona's alchemist workshop, where she manages all the jobs requested by the Arland's townsfolk for Rorona's services.

In Atelier Totori, Cory serves as the administrator of the Adventurer's Guild in Arland, where she issues and updates Totori's adventurer's license. She gets into a heated argument with Mimi Houllier von Scwarzlang for acting rudely when she first applies for her adventurer's license, but Mimi eventually gets her license a few days afterward. Cory helps Totori out by giving her tips on how to increase her adventurer's license rank, introduces her to Filly Dee for Arland front quests, the key to Rorona's alchemist workshop, and brief information regarding some of the supporting characters.


Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland

Cory is a playable character can be recruited to Rorona's party for battles and travels outside of Arland. She can be equipped with bullets as her weapon when she uses her special skills and dresses for clothes. In battle, Cory throws a fury of punches as her normal attack. Her battle skills consist of calling her guards to shoot at the enemy, or shooting the enemy herself with her own gun which inflicts fire element along with damage.

Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland

Cory is a non-playable character in Atelier Totori, but the player must visit her at the Adventurer's Guild to update the adventurer's license rank when they accumulated enough points to be promoted to the new rank level.


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