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Age: Unknown (as 15)
Blood type: N/A
Birthday N/A
Affiliation G.S.O

A member of a rounder team known as G.S.O, He works with Changpo and is treated like a younger brother, despite Looking very much like a young girl.
Culian is an android who was rescued from a government research facility, Sakurako is entrusted with his parenting duties


Cuilan's Rounder
Cuilan's Rounder

Type: Defensive
Name: Orangette (Goddiver)

Main Attack                    X
Sub Attack                     Y
Punch Barrier               B

Tail Bullets                   Forward, Forward, B
Tail Bombs                  Back, Forward, B
Ratzwiel                        Back, Forward, Forward, B

B.O.S.S.: Swing Sword                  X
B.O.S.S.: Energy Ball                     Y
B.O.S.S.: Movement Attack           Direction, A
FINAL B.O.S.S.: Berserk Sword  B


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