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    The optional "Super Boss" in Super Mario RPG. Residing in Monstro Town, he came to the Mushroom Kingdom to conquer it from another dimension. However this world is not inhabitable to him. All he asks is a battle with Mario before he leaves.

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    "I am Matter. I am Antimatter. I see your past, I see your future. I consume time and I will consume you!"
    Culex is considerably more difficult than other bosses in the game, having a massive energy meter and attacks that can KO party members in one hit, regardless of level. He has 5 attack points, consisting of his body and 4 floating crystals around him, each attacking with different elements. It is advised to fight him at or very near to the maximum level (Level 30).


    • The whole atmosphere of the Culex encounter is based off Final Fantasy IV, with his battle music being the boss music of the aforementioned title. 
    • When he is defeated, the victory tune is also the victory tune from Final Fantasy IV. 
    • The epilogue speech music is the theme music of Final Fantasy.

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