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    Cumulative Team Respawn Limit

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    Aspect of team multiplayer in which each team is given a limited number of respawns. A team is defeated when all respawns have been consumed and all members of the team are defeated.

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    A cumulative team respawn limit is a system used in some games that feature team-based multiplayer. In modes that feature this system, each team is allotted a limited number of respawns. This stock is used by all team members, and when it has been depleted, players on that team can no longer respawn if defeated. If the members of a team that has run out of respawns are subsequently defeated and unable to return to play, they lose the match.


    The ticket system is featured in Battlefield's staple conquest mode. Each team on a map starts with a predetermined amount of tickets, the amount of tickets is usually different for each team. The amount of tickets also depends on the size of the map, and whether the server administrator has modified the ticket count. This is usually done to extend the length of time players play on a map, especially when the maximum player count exceeds the recommended player count for a map. For example: modifying ticket count to 200% if 64 players are active on a 32 player map. A server admin can only modify the ticket counts for both teams at a time.

    When a player dies, a ticket is taken from his team. If a player is revived before the revive timer runs out, then the ticket will be refunded to back to his team. Tickets are lost automatically when ticket bleed occurs, this happens when one team controls more outposts than the other. The team with less outposts in possession will lose tickets at a constant rate, the rate changes depending on how many outposts the winning team has in possession. Outposts that are neutral will not affect ticket bleed.

    When a game is in progress, the team with the most tickets can be called 'winning'. Although the team with the most outposts an also be called the 'upcoming winner'. The team that reaches zero tickets loses the game.

    Tickets are also featured in the Rush game mode.


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