Wondering if this game will ever "end"...

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#1 Posted by Wodkaredbubu (38 posts) -

Couple of days before it got mentioned in the latest Bombcast, I checked out Curiosity after not having it started for weeks. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like this "game" has burned out fast and is now struggling to keep any momentum in terms of active users constantly digging at the cube. I remember during the first days they mentioned, that because of the high amount of new players 4 layers were chipped away in 24 hours. Looking at the stats now, it seems like the ratio is somewhat close to that (if not less) again, although the cube is actually smaller.

My point is: I cannot imagine this thing beeing finished in even two years. I just don't think that enough people will keep on chipping constantly.

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#2 Posted by NewDust (94 posts) -

I simply call it a BOX not a cube....

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#3 Posted by ShaggE (8706 posts) -

I wouldn't be surprised if they remove a few layers from the inside at some point if the interest gets too low to realistically finish.

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#4 Posted by Optix12 (690 posts) -

Is there a store in there yet to use the coins? I remembered Molyneux discussing that ridiculously overpriced dlc (my mind wants to say $5000 but i cant remember the price) which could smash tons of chips in one go. Maybe that could be a solution, the players who are still with this thing strong they could give away better "axes" or whatever to speed this up

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#5 Posted by Kerned (1186 posts) -

It "ended" for me about 30 minutes after it started.

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#6 Posted by MistaSparkle (2286 posts) -

@Optix12: Yea there is now. Not sure about anything $5000, but with something like 300000 coins you can get a power up that let's you hit 9 blocks at a time but it's limited to 5 minutes per purchasing the power up.

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#8 Posted by ChromeLevel19 (3 posts) -

Molyneux keeps saying it's supposed to be mindblowing for whoever makes it to the middle.

I seriously am curious as to what that is.

I'd love it if some guy who just installed it cracked through while others who spent months tapping away watched.

Definitely a unique game design idea.

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#9 Posted by BeachThunder (14913 posts) -

Well, it looks like it's getting close now; <35 layers left. I am looking forward to a completely underwhelming revelation...

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#10 Posted by bigjeffrey (5282 posts) -

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#11 Posted by Hunter5024 (6705 posts) -

Destructoid posted an article recently which claimed it was pretty close.

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#12 Posted by mosespippy (4751 posts) -

@hunter5024: They updated the game to remove something like 270 layers, bringing it down to 50. They also added micro transactions that let you add more chicklets to the cube, so the amount remaining is variable.

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