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    A sideways scrolling shoot 'em up Sega Mega Drive game released in 1989 and developed by Micronet. Curse was never officially released outside of Japan.

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    Curse is a horizontal shoot 'em up released late in 1989 for the Sega Mega Drive in Japan. A North American release of the game was scrapped during production.

    Its story involves Parceria and Seneca: two planets from the same star system, with the former being the more technologically advanced of the two and capable of visiting the latter on occasion. Parceria suddenly goes dark and undergoes massive environmental disasters until its surface appears lifeless from Seneca's perspective. However, centuries later, an invasion force of ships emerges from Parceria with strange powers over nature. Seneca has no other choice but to retrofit an ancient Parceria spacecraft to take on the invaders.

    The game features a shield health system, uncommon for shoot 'em ups of the era, and the player could acquire a couple of options that could be configured to fire in other directions.


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