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Draglade 2's gameplay is very similar to Draglade's.   


"Grappers" are combatants who use "Glades", weapons that make distinct musical sounds when they hit something.  Glades take on various forms of weapons: swords, hammers, spears, axes, etc.
Combat moves are effectuated via the DS buttons for light or strong attacks.  Various combos can be effectuated by connecting these two forms of attack together.  Custom combos can also be made and associated with your glade through a music creation menu.  These combos have different effects based on the rhythm that you set for the related music and, when activated in combat, there is a simple rhythm game that activates.  The simpler the created rhythm, the weaker the combo.  Players can also purchase set rhythms for use.
Grappers also hold "Bullets".  These Bullets are special attacks that are used for offense and defense and come in many forms: fireballs, healing devices and energy beams, to name a few.  These Bullets are activated via taps on the touch screen, in combat.  When a Bullet is activated, it will consume energy out of a bar, limiting its usage.

Story mode

There are several selectable characters initially, all with their own storylines.  The story is delivered through in-game cutscenes and dialogue.  To progress, the player is required to travel to stadiums and defeat the opponents that are present there or speak to NPCs relevant to the plot.  
In-between cities, the player encounters monsters named "variants".  These act like human opponents and, when defeated, can offer rewards such as loot and experience points.  There are also minor platforming aspects in these environments.


The game supports Wi-Fi with player-to-player matchmaking.  Draglade 2 also enables players to play locally with a friend with another Nintendo DS, even if the friend in question does not own the game Draglade 2.


Grappers are fighters who use Glades and Bullets to battle other Grappers in arenas.  They go from town to town, succeeding in tournaments to achieve their ultimate goal: to become the Major Grapper.


Most of the characters are typical anime archetypes (overconfident and brash main protagonist who wears headphones).  The story also simlarly follows that line, with an evil organization trying to impede the Grappers and achieve domination.  Returning characters from the previous game are:


Element: Fire
Glade type: Sword
A confident and ambitious Grapper who has wished to be the best Grapper ever since he was saved by one from a variant when he was younger.  He travels about to become the Major Grapper.


Element: Lightning
Glade type: Fist or gauntlet
Guy used to be part of an evil Grapper gang by the name of "Black Fang".  He was known as the "Shadow Fist" during that time and used the power of the "Dark Glades", but he eventually abandoned his evil ways.  His objective is to become powerful enough to defeat the Black Fang.


Element: Water
Glade type: Spear
Kyle is a pirate, crew mate of the "Blue Whale".  His father, Orca, has accrued a large debt and Kyle's mission is to become the Major Grapper to get enough money to relieve his father of his debts.


Element: Earth
Glade type: Hammer
A gentle boy who has the ability to converse with animals.  He has been chosen by his village to go on a mission to help animals across the world; he trains to be able to fulfill that goal.

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