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Cut the Rope is an iPhone game developed by ZeptoLab and published by Chillingo. The goal of Cut the Rope is to get a piece of candy into your pet monster's mouth by cutting ropes. The game introduces more gameplay elements as the levels progress including bubbles, blowers and obstacles such as spikes and spiders. There are also three stars to collect in each puzzle which add to the difficulty. These stars are needed to unlock each of the other stages in the game.


There are 25 different puzzles in each stage (or box). Each puzzle has 3 stars to collect, meaning that there are a possible 75 total stars in each box. The developers have promised more puzzles in the future, but the boxes that are currently found in Cut the Rope are as follows:

  1. Cardboard Box
  2. Fabric Box
  3. Foil Box
  4. Gift Box
  5. Cosmic Box (250 stars needed to unlock)
  6. Valentines Box
  7. Magic Box
  8. Toy Box


Cut the Rope was met with critical acclaim and universal praise for it's simplicity and value. Gameblog noted that, "Cut the Rope is the perfect iPhone game. Smart, easy to pick up and play in short sessions, and blessed with sublime level design and brilliant physics based gameplay mechanics". Similarly, AppSpy raved over the game, "Cut the Rope is quite simply a bombshell of cute, clever, addictive physics puzzle gameplay that's hard to pass up on". Cut the Rope currently averages 5 stars on the iTunes App store and a 93% on Metacritic.


  1. Bronze Scissors - Collected 50 stars
  2. Silver Scissors - Collect 150 stars
  3. Golden Scissors - Collect 300 stars
  4. Rope Cutter - Cut 100 ropes
  5. Rope Cutter Maniac - Cut 800 ropes
  6. Ultimate Rope Cutter - Cut 2000 ropes
  7. Quick Finger - Cut 3 ropes at once
  8. Master Finger - Cut 5 ropes at once
  9. Bubble Popper - Pop 50 bubbles
  10. Bubble Master - Pop 300 bubbles
  11. Spider Buster - Outsmart 40 spiders
  12. Spider Tamer - Outsmart 200 spiders
  13. Weight Loser - Lose candy 50 times
  14. Calorie Minimizer - Lose candy 200 times
  15. Tummy Teaser - Om Nom has opened his mouth 10 times in a row
  16. Romantic Soul - Reunite 100 candies
  17. Magician - Dropped candy into magic hats 200 times
  18. Cardboard Box Completed - Complete the Carboard Box
  19. Cardboard Box Perfect - Three stars in all levels of the Cardboard Box
  20. Fabric Box Completed - Complete the Fabric Box
  21. Fabric Box Perfect - Three stars in all levels of the Fabric Box
  22. Foil Box Completed - Complete the Foil Box
  23. Foil Box Perfect - Three stars in all levels of the Foil Box
  24. Gift Box Completed - Complete the Gift Box
  25. Gift Box Perfect - Three stars in all levels of the Gift Box
  26. Cosmic Box Completed - Complete the Cosmic Box
  27. Cosmic Box Perfect - Three stars in all levels of the Cosmic Box
  28. Valentine Box Completed - Complete the Valentine Box
  29. Valentine Box Perfect - Three stars in all levels of the Valentine Box
  30. Magic Box Completed - Complete the Magic Box
  31. Magic Box Perfect - Three stars in all levels of the Magic Box
  32. Toy Box Completed - Complete the Toy Box
  33. Toy Box Perfect - Three stars in all levels of the Toy Box

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