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    Cutscene Equipment Mismatch

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    Cutscenes that do not take into account the specific gear that the player has equipped.

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    Many games have pre-rendered cutscenes. This often means that during the short transition from gameplay to cutscene, the character's equipment will magically transform from the player-selected equipment to the generic equipment of the cutscene. Some games go out of their way to avoid depicting characters carrying any specific weapon at all, but others blatantly ignore it and hope for the best. For example, cutscenes in Halo 3 near-universally depict the Master Chief as carrying an assault rifle, and the Arbiter as wielding a plasma sword, regardless of their actual equipment. Similarly, in the JRPG Final Fantasy X-2, no matter which Job class the characters are currently equipped with, cutscenes always depict Yuna as a pistol-wielding Gunner, Rikku as a dagger-focused Thief, and Paine as a swordbearing Warrior.


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