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    Cyan Garamonde

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    Cyan is a character that joins the party in Final Fantasy VI. He is the only survivor of his Kingdom of Doma.

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    Cyan Garamonde lived in the Kingdom of Doma, serving as the steadfast retainer to the king. Doma is at war with the empire, and thus Kefka decides to poison the water supply of Doma behind General Leo's back. This kills nearly everyone in the kingdom, except Cyan, who has to endure the loss of his wife Elayne and his son, Owain. Driven completely mad with anger, guilt and sadness, he assaults the imperial camp with the hope of extracting vengeance before he himself is killed. Before he is killed, though, he is rescued by Sabin Rene Figaro, and the two join forces. When they are traveling on the Veldt, they meet the young child Gau, who quickly becomes a good friend of Cyan's. After deciding to join the Returners to extract vengeance against Kefka, it becomes obvious that the memories of the death of his family is still haunting him, and he still blames himself for their death.

    After Kefka destroys the planet, the player can find Cyan on top of Mt. Zozo, writing letters to a young girl named Lola in Maranda. Lola's real boyfriend died a year earlier, but Cyan was so brokenhearted by their story that he decided to pick up writing letters where the original boyfriend left off. Haunted by his difficult memories, the player can choose to visit Doma Castle, where they are persuaded by the ghosts of Cyan's wife and child to destroy the memories that are haunting him. After doing so, he can finally live in peace.


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    Cyan's special ability is called SwdTech, which is where he charges up various sword techniques through eight successive levels, each one becoming gradually more powerful. He can learn all of his SwdTechs at once if he completes the Doma Castle quest.


      • Dispatch: Inflicts physical damage on one enemy.
      • Retort: Cyan will automatically counter the enemies next attack.
      • Slash: Does damage equal to that of half the enemies HP.
      • Quadra Slam: Attacks 4 times, each time attacking a random enemy.
      • Empowerer: Does magical damage to one enemy, recovers health and MP equal to that taken from the enemy.
      • Stunner: Magical damage to all enemies.
        • Quardra Slice: Attacks 4 times on random enemies. Ignores defensive rating.
        • Cleaver: Instantly kills all enemies.

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