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    Cyber Shinobi: Shinobi Part 2

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1990

    Sequel to the original Shinobi port for the Sega Master System. Despite the name, there's not a lot of cyber-stuff going on here.

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    When its forces were defeated by Joe Musashi, some members of the evil Zeed army managed to evade capture or death at the hands of the heroic ninja master. Now, long after in the year 2XXX, a cadre of men and robots have started attacking atomic power plants across the globe. After each attack, the words "Cyber Zeed" are left as a calling card. It is soon discovered that the group will use the stolen plutonium to create nuclear weapons.

    Brave Joe Musashi, about to lay the smackdown on the woman in red.
    Brave Joe Musashi, about to lay the smackdown on the woman in red.

    The only man who can stop this reborn threat is Joe Musashi, grandson of the original Shinobi. Only he can stand against Cyber Zeed and prevent them from unleashing nuclear terror on the world.

    The Cyber Shinobi is a multi-directionally scrolling action platform game, with the bulk of play having the player move from left to right. Scrolling is intermittently halted at specific points when the player is required to defeat all on-screen enemies; once the last foe has been beaten, the player can resume moving through the level.

    The player has three regular attacks at their disposal: walking or standing still while attacking will make Musashi give a short range slash with a bladed weapon; a ducking attack will result in a low kick; and, if the player has collected the Shot power up, pushing the D-button up while attacking makes the character fire a projectile (see Power Ups below).

    Power Ups

    While moving through each level, the player will come across boxes that contain various power ups. These are square icons that have a large single letter to denote what effect they have.

    L (Life) - Gives the player back one of their eight life units. If a player's life gauge is full when they walk over a Life power up, an extra life will be added to the player's stock.

    P (Power) - Increases the potency of the player's regular sword attack, up to a maximum of eight.

    S (Shot) - The player starts with no projectiles. Once the Shot icon has been collected the player will be given a complement of eight shuriken to use. If another Shot icon is picked up before the store of shuriken is depleted, the player will now have eight Laser Vulcan shots - this is a rapid fire projectile, and the player can hold the buttons down for continuous fire. If the player still has Laser Vulcan shots left and pick up a third Shot icon, the projectiles will be Super Grenades, which travel in an arc and can destroy multiple enemies at once. If the player runs out of any shot, Musashi will return to using the previous projectile e.g. running out of Super Grenades will cause a return to using the Laser Vulcan.

    N (Ninjutsu) - Fills one unit of the Ninjutsu meter, up to a maximum of eight.

    Ninjitsu Magic

    Ninja Inferno!
    Ninja Inferno!

    On top of his regular attacks, Musashi has also access to Ninjutsu magic (basically a smart bomb). The effect of this magic varies according to how full the Ninjutsu meter is.

    Fire - Requires 1 or 2 units. Red flame will swirl out of Musashi.

    Tornado - Requires 4 units. Four twisters will fill the screen.

    Lightning - Requires 6 units. Does what it says on the tin: arcs of lightning will crack across the screen from top to bottom.

    Earth Elemental - Requires 8 units. Similar to Lightning, but a stony demonic face will rise in the background.


    This bull be crazy, yo!
    This bull be crazy, yo!

    The start of each level (or "round" as the game dubs them) displays the name of the boss found at the end, and the weak point the player will need to focus their attacks on to bring it down.

    Aside from the onslaught of Cyber Zeed henchmen, most of The Cyber Shinobi's levels have a number of environmental hazards to deal with.

    Each level also has a time limit. When a player dies, they are taken back to the last checkpoint with the timer continuing to count down without resetting. Therefore, aside from the obvious safety net of having extra lives, it is better to die as little as possible so that more time can be devoted to killing the end-of-level boss. If the timer runs out, the player is taken back to the very start of the level, losing a life but keeping any power ups they may have obtained previously. The timer will also reset to the full amount for that level.

    Round 1 - Construction site

    Time limit: 10 minutes

    Environmental hazards: Collapsing floors, conveyor belts

    BOSS: Crazy Bull (a bulldozer that comes at the player from right to left)

    WEAK POINT: Cockpit

    Round 2 - Harbor

    Time limit: 10 minutes

    Environmental hazards: Collapsing floors, conveyor belts

    BOSS: Sea Bat (a submarine that fires twin missiles into the sky to drop onto the player)

    WEAK POINT: Missile Deck

    Round 3 - Field

    Time limit: 5 minutes

    Environmental hazards: None.

    BOSS: Heli Blast (a helicopter that drops ground-scorching bombs)

    WEAK POINT: Nose Cone

    Round 4 - Jungle

    Time limit: 10 minutes

    Environmental hazards: Collapsing bridges, totems, spiked log traps, falling boulders

    BOSS: Black Tiger (a crimson panther)

    WEAK POINT: Body

    Level 5 - Waterfall

    Time limit: 3 minutes

    Environmental hazards: None

    BOSS: Red Hopper (a four-legged jumping... thing)

    WEAK POINT: Body

    Level 6 - Enemy Hideout

    Time limit: 5 minutes

    Environmental hazards: Crushing walls, electricity, automated turrets

    BOSS: Psy Gunner (a bipedal mech that slides instead of walking)

    WEAK POINT: Secret (SPOILERS: You just hit it when it comes at you)

    Game Over

    You have brought shame upon your grandfather's memory.
    You have brought shame upon your grandfather's memory.

    Once all lives are lost the option is given to quit out or continue. The Cyber Shinobi has infinite continues. If the option to continue is selected the player begins from the start of the round they died on, without any of the upgrades they may have acquired before losing their final life. The timer for the round is also reset.


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