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    Cyber Troopers Virtual-On

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    The Virtual-On Franchise is house to a series of robot fighting games.

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    Virtual On is a robot fighting series. The first game debuted in arcades in 1996 and a port surfaced on Saturn shortly after. The arcade original had two Joysticks which players used to control their player in a similar manner to Katamari Damacy. Because of this home ports have always been somewhat of a challenge as ideally the best way to play the game is with specifically built joysticks. Often times these have been brought out by Sega, but in certain cases (IE: The 360 Live Arcade release) Sega did not provide a dedicated solution.

    Because the first Virtual On game came out at a time when dual joysticks were not standard the game's mechanics may feel unusual to players used to Call of Duty and other first person shooters. For instance robots can not turn on a dime unless they jump at which point they face their opponent directly. Such nuances have become standard systems in the franchise and thus are included in subsequent games.


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