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Cyberbike 2 is a fitness video game which utilizes a full scale magnetic resistance exercise bike which connects via Bluetooth to the Playstation 3.


Gameplay consists of three modes, which are tailored to offer different balances of traditional game scenarios with exercise routines.

Arcade Mode

Progressing through the 18 levels of the game unlocks new virtual bikes and bike accessories.

Most of the info out there claims falsely that this is the story mode. However there is no story. Only arcade events where you collect coins and/or try to reach the goal as fast as you can.

Arcade mode is divided into 4 sections, each with different vehicle.

  • Cyclobooster handles like a normal bike and has a hovering-ability while boost is used.
  • Cyclocopter rises and falls depending on your pedaling speed and forward moment is produced by pressing the square-button.
  • Cycloglider is more slippery than the cyclobooster and has an ability to glide longer distances.
  • Cyclorail is like a mine cart, meaning that momentum plays larger role and rail-switching is part of the game play.

Fitness Mode

This mode lets the user set certain parameters (length of time, distance, etc) and tailors an experience to help you reach that goal.

There is "Virtual Coach"-mode with 4 available exercise programs.

  • Fitness program
  • Stamina program
  • Muscle mass program
  • Muscle strength program

Multiplayer Mode

Compete with your friends online with PlayStation Network and try to best their best times.

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