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    Cyberia 2: Resurrection

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released 1995

    Cyberia 2: Resurrection is the sequel to Cyberia, which debuted back in 1994.

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    In 2002, war, famine, and viral plague decimated half the world's population and led to the fall of established governments and institutions. In the subsequent power vacuum, two rival groups -- the Cartel and the FWA -- battled for control of the planet. The FWA conquered the Cartel Forces throughout much of the Eurasian continent, giving them decisive control over the Northern hemisphere. The FWA rules with an iron first, stamping out the faintest whiff of opposition. Conscripted and then betrayed by the FWA, ZAK took revenge against the totalitarian regime by merging with the Cyberia weapon and then destroying the FWA's orbiting space station, including all those on board. The heroic action inspired the formation of the Rebel underground, a group dedicated to undermining the FWA through acts of sabotage. Though outmanned and outgunned, the rebels have fought with passion, determination, and ingenuity. Ironically ZAK doesn't learn about the Underground's existence until after he is revived from cryo sleep.


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