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Cybernoid's unusual room-based shoot 'em up mechanics lead to this highly regarded sequel. Similar in most ways to its predecessor, Cybernoid 2 builds upon the genre in this larger, and more difficult game. The Amiga and Atari ST versions, with more advanced graphics and music, were released later.

As with Cybernoid, players choose between sound effects, and a full original score. The highly regarded Commodore 64 version (and Jochen Hippel's Atari ST remake) is consistantly ranked as one of Jeroen Tel's (here as 'Maniacs of Noise) best. Unlike the Cybernoid, the Amiga version features a full soundtrack; an advanced stereo version of the Commodore 64 score. All other versions are scored by Dave Rogers.


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The player has once again been tasked with rescuing cargo from Zog space pirates. This time, the cargo has been abducted on a 'Battlestar', rather than on asteroids. The Cybernoid spacecraft must find cargo in the environment, by destroying obstacles, and in enemy wreckage to successfully complete each area. The maps do not scroll as with most games in the genre; the player may enter or exit a room at any time. A timer counts down, forcing the player to make decisions quickly, or lose a life when it reaches zero.

The Cybernoid spacecraft is equipped with a variety of weapons, which the player may select at any time. Each weapon, aside of the main cannon, has limited uses. Destroying enemies will occasionally provide an ammo canister, which recharges the currently selected weapon.

  • Bombs destroy environmental objects and defensive enemies
  • Time Bombs explode with a delay
  • Shield renders the Cybernoid briefly invincible
  • Bounce Bombs bounce off walls and destroy enemies
  • Seekers track enemies and destroy them on contact
  • Smart bombs destroy all enemies in a room, as well as any cargo or powerups
  • Tracer follows the edge of the environment, destroying any enemies in its path

If the player makes it to the end of the final area, the game ends. Unlike the first title, Cybernoid 2 stores high scores after powering off the computer.


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