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    An open-world action role-playing game by CD Projekt RED based on the pen and paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020.

    dudewantshisrug's Cyberpunk 2077 (Xbox One) review

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    How did this happen?

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    The question that will never get answered, although we can guess, is how this game turned into such a shit show?

    The setup...

    You play as V. He's a mercenary and does odd jobs for money. You can go kill people or deliver special items. The problem V runs into is that a heist he was in on went bad. To make things worse he put a bad chip in his head. What makes it bad is that it is corrupt and ends up putting the consciousness of another person into his. Enter Johny Silverhand, aka Keanu Reeves. Johnny is now talking to V and essentially manipulating him. Together they try to find a way for them both to survive and to achieve their goals against the corporations.

    What I liked...

    Almost nothing. I liked one character, Judy. That's literally about it. Nothing else even comes to mind.

    What I didn't like...

    I don't even know where to start here. So... characters. Outside of Judy they were all bad. Johnny just seemed like a manipulative shit bag that whined and moaned about how bad the corporations were but could never really explain why. V was just a meandering bag of nothing interesting. Everybody else just didn't stand out in any way to a point that I can't even remember any other names to even talk about them.

    Onto to the story. It wandered all over the place and didn't come together in the end. Maybe I missed something or just wasn't paying enough attention but there were times when characters said or did something that just didn't fit in. At the end of the game I found myself scratching my head asking myself "how the hell did we get here?".

    Want to talk about skills? Don't bother using them in this game. There is a very elaborate skill tree that is rendered almost completely useless. There is a way around any situation they present you without using any of your skills. Which in theory sounds like good game design. However, when you do use a skill it seemingly has little to no effect. The only skill I found useful was hacking a turret to turn it off. The most infuriating one was hacking/picking a door. I would walk up to one and it would say my skill level was too low. My skill level is three but the door needs four. So I dump points into the skill. Next door I walk up to, my skill is too low. My skill level is a four but the door needs a five. So I dump more points into it. Walk up to the next door, my still is too low. The door needs a skill level of six, mine is only five. Forget this skill. I never opened one of these doors the entire game.

    All the other stuff...

    So, I tried to look beyond the technical issues but I have to admit they did affect my experience with the game, obviously. I played on a launch series Xbox One which was probably the worst platform to play it on. The environment looked wash out and fuzzy all the time. With the aesthetics they were going for and all of the artwork they did, it should have popped on the screen. You want 60 fps? Not on this console, if you got 20 it was a good day. There wasn't a moment I played that game that it wasn't dropping frames. It got really bad during some of the boss fights which is probably the worst time for it to do so. Driving cars was terrible. The driving seems to drift somehow on its own and it never felt like I was really in control. Imagine driving on an oil slick. Even the camera angle for the first-person perspective felt wrong but when I moved it the game would just recenter it to where it originally was. I ended up driving in third-person but it was still bad. I'm going to stop complaining.

    At the end of it all...

    Even looking beyond the jank, this is just a mediocre game. I suffered through Mass Effect: Andromeda and would rather go back to it than this game. Cyberpunk 2077 tried to do so much but missed the mark almost every single time. I didn't do much of the non-story stuff because it didn't feel like it added anything to the game. When it's all said and done, I think that if CD Project Red had put less into the game and crafted what was in the smaller game I think they may have made a better game.

    I didn't even want to write this review but I'm hoping that if I get the words out to the Internet they'll leave my head and I can stop thinking about this game.

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