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    Home world of the Transformers

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    Cybertron is the home world of all Transformers, Decepticon and Autobot alike. It is the planet that gave them all life, and after millions of years of war, has been left a shattered ruin.

    It is home to the super computer Vector Sigma, the unit that gave all the transformers thier individual personalities, as well as the plasma energy chamber, the most powerful energy source on the planet.

    Before the civil war that consumed it, Cybertron was bathed in a beautiful golden hue. Dubbed the 'Golden Age' of Cybertron, the Autobots seek to end the war they have fought so long and bring that age of peace and tranquility back again. The Decepticons have other ideas.

    However, it is the Decepticons that actually bring about Cybertrons reinvigoration, and a new Golden age. When Vector Sigma allows Galvatron to learn of the existence of the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber, he attacks Autobot city and has Pounce and Wingspan steal the key, despite Punch's best efforts to stop them.

    The Decepticons return to Cybertron to activate the chamber, but it's power over whelms Scourge who is shut down, allowing Spike and Cerebros to steal the key back. However, the ship they arrived in his hit by the closing sparks of energy from the chamber, and shot into space. This sends, Spike, Daniel, Cerebros, Brainstorm, Hardhead, Chromedome, Highbrow, Kup, Blur, Hot Rod, Sureshot and Arcee to the planet Nebulos.

    Here they encounter the evil rulers, the Hive, and a band of rebels. Brainstorm, having already postulated that the Autobots would function better with Human partners, formulates a plan to give the Nebulons Exosuits made from thier heads. Thus the Autobot headmasters are born: Brainstorm, Hardhead, Chromedome, Highbrow and Arcee.

    The Decepticons sent to retrieve the key are defeated by the Headmasters, but encounter The Hive, who offer them a deal, become headmasters too, so that they all may benefit. Cyclonis declines partially, saying that only the heads of Mindwipe, Weirdwolf, Skullcruncher, Apeface and Snapdragon maybe used. However, the others consisting of Cyclonis, Scourge, Trigger Happy, SlugSlinger and Misfire give up their weapons to become Targetmasters.

    The Autobots are defeated once again, and Arcee and Daniel are captured by the Decepticons. The Autobots use the remaining Nebulons to form their own team of Targetmasters: Pointblank, Sureshot, Crosshairs, Blur, Hot Rod and Kup but are unable to retrieve the key, even with Optimus Primes arrival, as the Decepticons unleash the ultimate headmaster, Scorpinok upon them.

    The Decepticons return to Cyberton, and explain to Galvatron the situation. Having defeated the remaining Autobots in the time they were away, Galvatron has the Combaticons build the most powerful rocket booster ever created, and literally moves Cybertron to Earth, where he plans on using the power of the Plasma Energy chamber to make the sun go nova and the harness the energy.

    The plan almost succeeds, but Spike arrives with the Autobot Headmaster Fortress Maximus, and is able to defeat Scorpinok. The chamber is opened, but as organic life is not affected by the energy released, Spike and the Nebulons convert the rocket booster to an energy collector, which sucks the energy sent to the sun up and directs it straight to Vector Sigma.

    The power surge reactivates Vector Sigma, and reinvigorates Cybertron, dawning a new golden age. The Decepticons convert Scorpinok to city mode and retreat to the depths of space, defeated.


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