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    Cyborg 009

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Feb 25, 1994

    A three-character action platformer only released in Japan, based on the anime series of the same name. Gameplay is similar to The Lost Vikings.

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    Cyborg 009 is a side-scrolling run-and-gun action game from BEC based on the anime and manga of the same name. The player can control up to three of eight cyborg agents for each stage, each of which has their own separate set of powers. The player can alternate at any time between the three agents they selected, though as all three share a health and "SP" bar (which determines how often they can use special abilities) there's little point to switching out a character if they are badly hurt.

    Cyborg 009 received a fan translation from localization group Aeon Genesis in 2004. The license also saw two other video game adaptations: A Mega CD game in 1993 and a budget PlayStation puzzle game in 2002 that played like BreakOut.


    • Cyborg 002: A long-nosed former New York gang member named Jet Link. Like his name suggests, his special ability is to move at incredible speeds with his jet boots. In-game, this allows him to reach high places.
    • Cyborg 003: A French ballet dancer and the only female on the team. Rather than an offensive special ability, she has enhanced senses that allows her to "see" through walls. In-game, this means that she can find and use a map to see the whole level, including hidden areas.
    • Cyborg 004: A German with multiple weapons embedded in his body. His special in-game ability is to fire rockets from his knees, which move diagonally upwards after being fired. He can also fire a spread shot version of his regular weapon.
    • Cyborg 005: A large Native American who uses his impressive strength in battle. He is capable of creating a ground pound with a stunning effect, and can shoot fireballs from his hands (similar to Ryu and Ken's hadokens).
    • Cyborg 006: A Chinese cyborg who is able to breathe fire.
    • Cyborg 007: A mysterious bald man known only as Great Britain, which is also his birthplace. Cyborg 007 has the unusual ability of shapeshifting into any creature or person, which in-game allows him to assume the form of enemies native to that stage to elude their detection.
    • Cyborg 008: A guerrilla fighter from the African continent, 008 has the unique ability to survive underwater without losing health. Many levels contain water sections with items within, but the player needs to know in advance where these areas are to make use of him.
    • Cyborg 009: The series protagonist, a young male with a leonine head of hair who has exceptional strength and leaping power. His special ability to move incredibly fast, which has the in-game effect of slowing everything else down.
    • Cyborg 001: A baby with a bowlcut, a genius-level IQ and incredible psychic powers that allows him to use psychokinesis and telepathy, the latter of which he employs to speak to the other Cyborgs as an adult. He also sleeps frequently and is limited by his infant body, and thus is not a playable character.
    • Dr. Isaac Gilmore: The head scientist responsible for rescuing the Cyborg 00s. He acts in an advisor role to the group, formulating their missions.

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