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    Scott "Slim" Summers is the leader of Charles Xavier's X-Men, and their first member. He has the ability to absorb ambient energies in the environment and convert them into powerful optic blasts.

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    Scott Summers grew up in Anchorage, Alaska. He is the son of Katherine Ann Summers and Major Corsair of the United States Air Force. When his father took his family for a flight in his airplane, they were attacked by a Shi'ar ship. His parents strapped him and his brother Alex (later known as Havok) and tossed them out of the plane in hopes they would survive. Unfortunately the parachute caught fire and Scott landed on his head causing brain damage. This caused him to lose the ability to control his optic blasts and amnesia about his childhood. Scott lived in an orphanage in Nebraska where he would be used in experiments by the owner Mr. Milbury, who would later become Mr. Sinister. Whilst there, Mister Sinister played many roles to Scott, apart from Mr. Milbury, he was also "Nathan Masters", the head doctor at the orphanage, and as "Lefty"or "Nate" he would be a fellow orphan. As Lefty he tormented Scott often, going so far as to kill his potential foster parents so that they wouldn't adopt him. Even when Cyclops befriended staff member Robyn Hanover due to their shared liking of planes, Sinister brainwashed her so that she would be as cold as all the other staff.


    When Scott was 16 years old, he ran and found a mutant named Jack O'Diamonds. Jack wanted Cyclops to help him break into the nuclear power plant which had triggered his mutant abilities in the first place, and Cyclops agreed only because he knew Jack would kill the guards there if Cyclops didn't help him. While the two broke in, Professor X heard of the break in and tried to stop them. Eventually Jack absorbed so much radiation that he was atomised, and so Professor X offered for Cyclops to join the X-Men, which Cyclops accepted. Xavier would teach him to control his abilities and Cyclops became a founding member of the original X-Men. Cyclops was such an efficient leader that for a short while he led the X-Men without Professor X there. Whilst a member of the X-Men, Cyclops fell in love with fellow member Jean Grey, but didn't want to start a relationship since he was afraid of hurting someone with his uncontrollable powers.Eventually Jean worked out that Scott loved her, and so the two started a relationship. From then on, the two were inseparable. Even when the X-Men split up at the request of the FBI's Fred Duncan when Xavier was thought to be dead, Jean and Scott still stayed together. Cyclops still had his brilliant leadership skills, proved when he managed to disguise himself as "Eric the Red" and infiltrated Magneto's base of operations when he managed to get together an army of mutants. When most of the original X-Men wanted to leave because there were new members coming in, Cyclops stayed in fear of his uncontrollable powers.

    Cyclops has always believed that his parents died from that plane crash but they were kidnapped by the Shi’ar. Cyclops meets his dad now known as Corsair for the first time during a space mission. They do not figure out that they are father and son for a while but eventually do.

    Cyclops’ relationship with Jean Grey has never been steady, and when he refused to leave the X-Men with her, it made Jean very upset with him. In fact Cyclops and Jean were never together for a long time because he feared his optic blasts would hurt anyone he cared for. As time goes by, Jean was replaced by Phoenix Force, whose apparent suicide caused Cyclops to leave the X-Men and wander for a while. He would return to the X-Men to fight Magneto. Cyclops also meets Madelyne Pryor, a woman who looks exactly liked Jean. Cyclops would propose to her and they would get married right away. Soon the X-Men discover Marvel Girl who reveals that she is the daughter of an alternate reality Scott and the Phoenix Force that is still impersonating Jean. Madelyne would soon find out she is pregnant with a son who would become Cable.

    After Nathan was born the X-Men would discover that Jean is not dead. Jean rejoins Cyclops and the other original X-Men to form X-Factor. Madelyne, effectivily abandoned, would continue working with the X-Men until her death. When demons were able to corrupt Madelyne’s anger at Scott, they transformed her into the Goblin Queen, with magically augmented versions of Jean Grey's telepathy and telekinesis. Madelyne went after Scott angered at him for leaving her. It would then be revealed that Madelyne was a clone made by Mr. Sinister to mate with Cyclops to create the most powerful mutant ever. Madelyne killed herself soon after she found this out. Scott kills Mr. Sinister and begins a relationship with Jean while both raising Nathan as if he were their own son. Apocalypse would soon infect Nathan with the techno-organic virus, as a result they had to send Nathan to the future where a cure could be found. After they battle the Shadow King, the X-Men were split into 2 groups due to more members, Cyclops was given the leader of the Blue Team.


    When Scott and Jean finally married they went on their honeymoon. They would be brought to the future to raise Cable for 12 years. They helped him defeat the Apocalypse of that time and were sent back to their own time. They would soon battle Professor Xavier who transformed into Onslaught. After they defeated him, Xavier was arrested, leaving Scott and Jean to take over as co-headmasters of the institute. They retired from the position after Scott was injured badly during a mission.

    When they were finally convinced by Storm to return to the X-Men, Apocalypse found the 12 mutants that would help him take control of X-Man’s body. To save Nate, another child of a version of him from the alternate reality the Age of Apocolypse, Cyclops agreed with Apocalypse to merge with him. He was thought to be dead until Jean and Cable defeated Apocalypse and was able to separate Cyclops from him.

    When Scott returned to the X-Men his personality changed as a result of being merged with Apocalypse. He claimed that during his time merged with Apocalypse he questioned their relationship and his whole life. During this time Cyclops and Wolverine became friends somewhat because of all the missions they went through together. Jean began to show signs of the Phoenix Force and it caused another rift in their relationship. Scott would request Jean to interact with him telepathically but she would constantly refuse. Scott would turn to Emma Frost and the two would start having a telepathic affair. Jean would discover this and torture Emma. This made Scott extremely angry at Jean and demanded her to read his mind. Jean agrees and finds out they did not physically do anything wrong, but helps her case by claiming that thinking about having an affair is just as bad as doing it.

    Scott became disgusted with how Jean has been acting and leaves the X-Men to wander the country. Eventually he teams up with Wolverine and Fantomex to a time-pocket on Asteroid M. Cyclops would confess to Wolverine that their relationship has not progressed since they were teenagers and that Jean refuses to listen to him. He also confesses that he is attracted to Emma because she is more accepting then Jean. They return to Earth and eventually Jean is killed by Xorn.


    After Jean died Scott wanted to leave the X-Men again, but would soon find out that this would cause destruction in the future. The White Phoenix reveals it and would telepathically push Scott into a relationship with Emma Frost. The two would become co-headmasters of the Xavier Institute. This relationship made it uncomfortable for Rachel because of the idea that her father was with another woman so soon after her mother’s death. Emma and Scott reforms the X-Men with a new line-up consisting of Wolverine, Beast, Kitty Pryde, and eventually Colossus.

    During House of M, Cyclops lives with Emma peacefully in a mutant populated world. M-Day followed after House of M where many mutants were left powerless and Xavier went missing. Later Xavier would be discovered and he would reveal to Scott that he had a third brother named Vulcan. Xavier also told him that he sent Vulcan’s team in to save the original X-Men in Krakoa but the team supposedly died. Cyclops resented Xavier because of the dirty secret he has kept from Scott all these years and proceeds to say that the school no longer belongs to him. During the Civil War, The X-Men were declared as neutral. But when the 198 escape to join the registration act with Bishop, the original X-Men all went to retrieve them.

    During Astonishing X-Men story arc where the Hellfire Club took over the school. Emma was manipulated into playing mind games with Scott, causing him to question his past and achievements and why he is the weakest of all the X-Men. Emma also tells Scott that the reason he could not control his optic blasts were because he was mentally weak. Scott would later break free and discover that the Hellfire Club was not real and proceeded to shoot them all in the head with a gun. Before the whole ordeal with Cassandra Nova was resolved, the X-Men were teleported to Breakworld.

    During the time when Hulk came in the institute looking for Professor X (being that he is one of the Illuminati, and that he said that he would vote to exile the Hulk), Cyclops actually defended his old mentor even though he resent him for the secret he hid from him on what happened in Krakoa. Even though the optic blast was burning of Hulk's skin, he was still able to reach Cyclops and cover his eyes. After Hulk left with the knowledge provided by Mercury about the near extinction of the mutants, Cyclops began to forgive Xavier for what he did.

    In the Messiah Complex storyline, Cyclops and his team have gone to Alaska to find a mutant baby detected by Cerebro, but when they got there, all they found are the Marauders, Purifiers and other babies dead. He asked for the X-factor for help, reformed the X-force with Wolverine as team leader, and send a Madrox clone and Layla Miller to find Forge. When he found out that Cable kidnapped the mutant baby, He send the X-Force to get the baby, even using extreme force towards his own son. When all of the participants are fighting in Muir Island, Cyclops confront Cable with the baby. Cable speaks to his father and reason out that the child must fulfill her destiny by surviving to the future. Cyclops then let his son go with the child teleport into the future. But when Bishop tried to shoot Cable, he missed and the bullet hit Professor X, which prompt Cyclops to blast Bishop. When everything is all set and done. Cyclops decides to disbands the X-Men.

    Divided We Stand

    But, revealed in the current storyline, Divided, Cyclops didn't really disband the X-Men, but rather just made everyone take a break. He is now vacationing in the Savage Land with his girlfriend, Emma Frost. They see Ka-Zar and Shanna there and spend some time with them, but are called to San Fransisco by Angel. When they get there, they see that all of San Fransisco has been submereged in some sort of psychic projection of the 60s. Emma uses her powers to help Cyclops and herself fit in. But, the " Goddess" senses their presence and sends the police after them. Luckily, Cyclops is saved from the bullets by Emma's diamond form, who jumps in front of him as they fire.


    Cyclops has the ability to absorb ambient solar energies which his body metabolizes and converts into powerful optic blasts. Unchecked, his optic blasts can easily level buildings or more. These red concussive blasts are not lasers, and do not create any heat. Rather than cutting or burning, his blasts are pure kinetic energy. They can push or smash objects with pure force. However, there is no action/reaction involved with this force; Cyclops' head is not pushed back when he uses his power. It has been theorized that this is because the particles are extradimensional in nature.

    Cyclops lost the ability to control his mutant power as a child. This was originally thought to be due to damage to his brain, but it is actually due to a mental block. Along with being unable to turn his power off, Scott never uses his power to their full extent because deep down he is afraid of what could happen if he truly loses control.

    Scott uses a ruby quartz visor for some degree of control. His visor can be adjusted to allow beams of varying width and strength. He also has a pair of sunglasses with ruby quartz lenses that he uses when he is not in his uniform.

    Scott has also become a highly efficient team leader with superb tactical skills. He has undergone extreme physical and psychological training at Xavier's school. He is at peak human physical condition in strength, speed, and agility, and is an excellent fighter even without his powers. Scott's spatial perception is nearly superhuman, giving him near-perfect aim, and the ability to calculate deflection shots with his beams. He is also an expert pilot.

    Cyclops' brother, Alex Summers A.K.A. Havok, is completely immune to Cyclops' powers, and likewise Cyclops is unharmed by Havok's plasma blasts(although he can be recharged by his brother's energy, and his brother can by his), but is effected by Vulcan's.

    Merging with Apocalypse

    Scott and Jean return to the X-Men some time after at the request of Storm, when she grows concerned about the mental well-being of Professor X (who had returned sometime prior). Their return then leads to the events of The Twelve; in which Apocalypse locates twelve mutants which can power a machine to allow him to take the body of Nate Grey, the X-Man. In order to save Nate, Cyclops willingly merges with the villain Apocalypse. He is believed lost until Jean and Cable track him down to Egypt and separate him from Apocalypse, killing Apocalypse's spirit in the process.

    Alternate Realities


    On ( Age of Apocalypse)

    When Scott Summers was still a child, his father was flying his family to Canada when their ship was attacked by a Shi'ar spacecraft. Giving Scott the only parachute on board the plane, he threw his two sons out of the aircraft and into the Canadian wilderness. The two brothers were taken to an orphanage run by Sinister who later adopted the two of them, considering them the closest thing Sinister had found to genetic perfection. Scott quickly became Sinister's favorite of his two sons due to Scott's genes and ability to lead. This favoritism would strain the relationship between Scott and Alex, who grew jealous of his brother Scott. Unbeknownst to both Scott or Alex, their real father, Christopher, had managed to escape from the Shi'ar and made his way back to Earth in a Shi'ar airship. Unfortunately he was also infected with a Brood egg and his ship was captured by Apocalypse's forces. He was taken to the breeding pens where he was experimented on by Henry McCoy for a number of years. Cyclops began to question the treatment of the prisoners in the breeding pens and secretly began to release them. On one occasion, Jean Grey was captured by Cyclops during a mission with the X-Men and sent to Sinister's lab. However, Cyclops became attracted to her spirit and dedication to her past life. He contemplated returning Jean to her friends but Weapon X had infiltrated the labs and freed Jean himself, encountering Cyclops along the way. The two fought in a ferocious battle with Weapon X taking out Cyclops's left eye while Cyclops retaliated by obliterating Weapon X's left hand with an optic blast. Both Jean and Weapon X managed to escape but a bitter resentment remained between Cyclops and Weapon X.

    After five years of being experimented on, Christopher Summers managed to escape from the breeding pens, much to Sinister's chagrin. He ordered his recapture but told Alex and Scott to remain behind, which made Scott suspicious of the nature of this mission. After the search team's emergency beacon was picked up, Cyclops and Havok went to investigate in the Ghost Lands where they encountered their long-lost father for the first time in years. Chris told them the story of how they became separated which was enough to convince Havok that he was telling the truth, but Cyclops wasn't as easily swayed to allow him back into his life so easily. During a battle between some scavengers, Sinister came and rescued the Summers family. Unfortunately, Christopher's Brood egg that was inside of him had hatched and he attacked Sinister. Before he could do any damage, Christopher's consciousness became dominant and he begged Scott to kill him, and Scott reluctantly complied. This act caused a further rift to appear in the relationship between Scott and Alex.

    Cyclops soon learned that Apocalypse's Horseman, Death, was trying to cause a mutiny and seize power for himself. Cyclops knew he had to make a stand and helped Blink free her captured teammates and release Sunfire from his prisoner. Blink teleported Cyclops and then her teammates to safety as Sunfire incinerated Death. It was around this time that Sinister had created X-Man using both Scott and Jean as genetic templates, who were both unaware of this development. Sinister planned to use this mutant to overthrow Apocalypse as ruler. On one occasion, Cyclops came into contact with X-Man and tried to help him escape from the pens. However, the rash mutant refused his help and escaped the pens by himself. Both were unaware of their relationship to each other or that they were secretly been watched by Sinister himself. Cyclops also became increasingly concerned by Sinister's sudden disappearances. He broke into his lab and discovered the place had been thrashed. Cyclops realized that Sinister had abandoned them and betrayed Apocalypse.

    Cyclops continued to rescue people from the breeding pens. Unfortunately people began to suspect that something was amiss. They questioned a young mutant named Lorna Dane ( Polaris) who had witnessed the previous nights escape. Unfortunately, Lorna had a fragile mind and thought she had witnessed Magneto rescuing the prisoners. Alex ordered that she be interrogated by the Dark Beast but Cyclops stopped the torture and ordered her release back to the pens. That night. Cyclops, in disguise, broke into the pens and rescued Lorna but his activities were detected by Northstar and Aurora. With his face hidden by the darkness, Cyclops attacked the two twins and made his getaway. Meeting a member of the underground at the Hudson River. Cyclops gave Lorna over to them. However, his face was no longer in disguise and his activities were been monitored by Havok from a distance. Jean Grey had returned to Sinister's lab in an attempt to locate him, but she was captured by Havok and sent to the Beast. Cyclops was stunned to see Jean again and when he refused Havok's order to kill her, Havok revealed that he knew Cyclops had been helping the prisoners escape from the pens. Cyclops was then captured and, along with Jean, was tortured by the Beast. However Jean used her psychic powers to remove Cyclops' visor and Scott released a concussive blast on the Beast, rendering him unconscious.

    The two escaped and tried to free the prisoners in the breeding pens. However, Apocalypse had ordered that all of the prisoners be killed as a means to convey his message of survival of the fittest. Outside, Cyclops and Jean met X-Man who had come to dismantle Apocalypse's rule. X-Man discovered that the two were his parents while Jean and Scott both felt an odd connection with the boy. However, they wished each other luck in their journey and departed ways as Jean and Cyclops made their way to the Brain Trust. The Brain Trust psionically anesthetized the prisoners so they lacked the will to escape. Jean used her psychic powers to destroy the Brain Trust as Cyclops ordered the Bedlam Brothers, who had also betrayed Apocalypse rule, to disable the main generators and knock out all of the lights. As the prisoners escaped, Cyclops and Jean fought Havok with Cyclops knocking Havok unconscious. They both led the prisoners to safety but Jean sensed that the Human High Council had unleashed their bombs which were making their way to Apocalypse's America. In an attempt to hold the bombs back, Jean blanketed the sky with a telekinetic shield. Unfortunately Havok sneaked up from behind them and killed Jean and Cyclops with his powers. Weapon X avenged his beloved by stabbing Havok in the back and killing him.

    Earth-1610 (Ultimate Universe)

    When Scott Summers developed his mutant eye beams, he trained himself to operate blind, fearful of the damage he could cause with his powers. He dated Lorna Dane, a fellow mutant with magnetic powers, until she dumped him for his older brother, Alex. Later, Scott was rescued from a lynch mob by the telepath Charles Xavier, who recruited him to be the first X-Man, Cyclops. Alex turned down a similar invitation. Scott fell in love with Jean Grey (Marvel Girl), Xavier's next recruit, but hesitated to tell her. After the X-Men rescued the President's kidnapped daughter, Cyclops became disillusioned, allegedly because of Xavier's dealings with an anti-mutant U.S. administration, but also because Jean had become involved with new recruit Wolverine. Scott defected to the terrorist Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants. When their leader, Magneto, set out to annihilate Washington, Cyclops rejoined the X-Men, even convincing Magneto's son Quicksilver to help defeat him.

    When teammate Colossus quit and returned to Russia, Cyclops and Marvel Girl followed and convinced him to rejoin; during this period Scott and Jean grew closer, and soon after, became an item. Though his relationship with Jean had already ended, a jealous Wolverine fought with Scott. Xavier tried to force them to learn to co-exist, sending them on a mission to the Savage Land to find missing U.S. marines. They faced a sentient computer and its army of cyborg zombies; while fleeing a collapsing underground complex, Wolverine deliberately let Cyclops fall in to a chasm. Cyclops survived the fall, albeit severely injured, and clung to life by eating grubs and worms to survive. After twenty-six days he was found by Brotherhood members, who failed to recognize him as "the traitor Cyclops", and took him back to their new base, the Citadel, for medical treatment. When Magneto plotted to reverse Earth's magnetic fields, Cyclops summoned in the X-Men in time to stop him. After the battle, Cyclops confronted a penitent Wolverine and violently removed him from the team. Months later, Cyclops reconsidered and invited Wolverine back, feeling it was his best chance to rehabilitate. Scott was reunited with his estranged brother Alex, who joined Emma Frost's rival mutant educational program, The Academy of Tomorrow. They failed to resolve their differences. Later, when Lorna, now called Polaris, apparently lost control of her powers and killed several people, Cyclops tried to prevent Alex and other Frost students from breaking into the Triskelion to rescue her.

    Earth-9997 (Earth X)

    On Earth X, Cyclops is an older man known as Mr. S. He trains a new generation of X-Men.

    Earth-311 (Marvel 1602)

    In the year 1602, Cyclops is Scotius Summerisle, a member of Carlos Xavier's Witchbreed. He knew that Jean Grey was disguised as a man named John Grey and was in love with her, But became jealous when Werner (thins universe's version of Angel) also fell in love with Jean, without the knowledge of her disguise.

    Earth-1298 (Mutant X)

    In the Mutant X universe, Only Havok was the one who escaped back to earth when his parents and his brother, Scott, was captured by the Shi'Ar. Scott worked as a slave and eventually escaped and became a member of the Starjammers. He also became the lover of Carol Danvers ( Ms. Marvel). Eventually, his adventures led him to earth, where he was reunited with his brother, who is now the leader of the X-Men.


    In Nocturne's home reality Cyclops was the leader of the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants. he has become bitter because of Wolverine's involvement on the death of Professor X (which he was indirectly responsible, as he was controlled the Shadow King) and Jean Grey. Cyclops almost killed Wolverine, who didn't fought at all. It wasn't until Nocturne intervened and possessed her teammate, Armageddon and used his telepathy to trigger Wolverine's claws to impale Cyclops' chest, although this didn't kill him.

    Earth-58163 (House of M)

    In the House of M reality Cyclops was married to Emma Frost and had kids. He is a pilot of Mutant Airlines in this universe.

    Earth-2149 (Marvel Zombiverse)

    In the Marvel Zombiverse, Cyclops is seen fighting alongside with other X-Men against a zombiefied

    Alpha Flight

    . Later he became a zombie and was later killed by Magneto by raining him down with metal shards.

    Woverine and the X Men

    After the destruction of the Institute Scot left and lived in a broken down apartment. When can to tell him that he was bringing back the X Men Scot said he did not want to join. Then started talking about Jean and then Scot took of his shades and shot him with his energy beams through the wall. But eventually her joins when tells him that they have located Xavier. Cyclopes is still depressed about Jean and seeks Emma to confide in. He often gets in a fight with wolverine about something but it never goes far enough for any of then to physically fight.


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