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    Cyrodiil is a province in central Tamriel. It is home to a well-spoken race of humans known as the Imperials. Also, the setting for The Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion.

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    Forests in Cyrodiil
    Forests in Cyrodiil

    Originally Cyrodiil was covered by forest until Emperor Tiber Septim changed it to a more temperate climate. The first recorded inhabitants of Cyrodiil were the Ayleids, a race that is an ancient cousin to the Aldmer. The Aylieds built many structures that still baffle many experts today. The Alyeids used slave labor to build their cities and in 1E 242 there was a slave rebellion which was lead by Imperials. They won the land and it became Imperial land. Cyrodiil became the head of the Imperial Empire and is where the Emperor and Dragonfires reside. And the end of the 3rd Era and early 4th Era the Empire was left with no emperor and Cyrodiil collapsed into many city states.


    • Anvil - Port city located on the Gold Coast
    • Bravil - A slum town right off of the Niben Bay
    • Bruma - Cold town, always snowing, located in the northern Jerall Mountains
    • Cheydinhal - Town in eastern Cyrodiil filled with many Dunmer, also the home of the Dark Brotherhood
    • Chorrol - Northwestern region of Cyrodiil
    • The Imperial City - Center of Cyrodiil, it is the capital, and is located on Lake Rumare
    • Kvatch - Between Anvil and Skingrad, built on a large plateau
    • Leyawiin - Southern end of Cyrodiil, right off the Niben Bay
    • Skingrad - Located in the West Weald region on the the Gold Road

    In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    Oblivion Gate
    Oblivion Gate

    The Oblivion Crisis was primarily focused in Cyrodiil with gates to Oblivion appearing everywhere throughout the province.

    Cyrodiil also known as the Imperial Province, is a province in the south-central region of Tamriel and the home of a humanoid race known as Imperials. The center of their Empire and seat of governance, Cyrodiil is also known as "the Heartland" and forms the setting for the game.


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