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    A Czech produced pistol, chambered in both 9mm Luger and .40 S&W.

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    The CZ 75 is a Czech-produced semi-automatic pistol, manufactured by Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod. The CZ 75 is known worldwide for being a high-quality weapon, that is also relatively affordable. Ceská Zbrojovka claim that the CZ 75 pistol is in service with more militaries, security agencies, and police departments than any other pistol in the world, though this has been disputed. The CZ 75 fires a standard 9x19mm round, but is also chambered in .40 S&W. Today, the CZ 75 sees service with the Czech police, as well as some branches of the United States' police, and the Lithuanian armed forces.

    Game Appearances

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Black Ops menus
    Black Ops menus
    The CZ 75 appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops during Single-Player, Multiplayer, and Zombies. The pistol can first be used during the mission 'Numbers', in Kowloon. During this mission and following missions where you take on the role of Hudson, you can find CZ 75 pistols in use of enemies. The pistols Hudson is outfitted with during the mission 'Numbers' are dual-wielded, and fully automatic. The CZ 75 cannot be purchased from a wall like other weapons and can only be acquired from the Random Box. In the Random Box it is possible to acquire a dual-wielded version, or a single CZ 75. In any case the weapons prove more effective than the starting M1911 pistol. When Pack-a-Punched, the CZ 75 becomes dual-wielded regardless of beforehand. The pistols become known as 'Calamity' and 'Jane' (left and right pistol, respectively). The two names come together to make 'Calamity Jane'. This is an intentional easter egg included in the game.

    In Multiplayer, the CZ 75 is the 'Classified' pistol. It can be unlocked after purchasing the Python, making the CZ 75 the cheapest Classified weapon online. Only one other weapon must be purchased, as the ASP, Makarov, and M1911 are unlocked by default. The CZ 75 has the largest magazine capacity of any of the pistols, and many players choose to expand upon this with Extended Mags: boosting the weapon to 18 rounds per magazine. The CZ 75 itself costs 1500CP.

    Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City

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    The CZ 75 appears in The Lost and Damned DLC as the 'Automatic Pistol'. It visually appears to be based upon the CZ 75, and looking at the in-game model, the letters 'RM750' are stamped on the slide. The pistol cannot be attained in The Ballad of Gay Tony. Statistically, it has the same damage as the 9mm Pistol, though it fires more rapidly and is more accurate. It retains the 17-round magazine of the standard 9mm Pistol (actually a Glock 17), although proves more effective for drive-by attacks. The pistol is a default starting weapon online, and can be purchased through meeting Terry. The Automatic Pistol costs $550.



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