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    D.D. is a wolfhound who is adopted by Venom Snake and trained by Ocelot.

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    D-Dog has multiple skills and can learn even more. At the very beginning he can be commanded to "Wait", called with "Whistle" when at the distance or called with "DD" when closer and "Keep 'em busy" to attack enemy and giving player chance to attack enemy. With bond level 25 D-Dog can be commanded to "Bark" to distract enemies. He can also learn new skills by getting new equipment. Sneaking (knife) equipment allows D.D. to attack enemies lethally. Sneaking (stun) does same but only knocks out the enemy. Battle Dress allows D-Dog to critically wound an enemy. Tactical (Fulton) equipment allows D-Dog to fulton people. All these skills are done on command.

    D-Dog also has a passive skill that allows him to scout surroundings for the player automatically. The range of this passive skill depends on bond level. If bond level is less than 25 has scouting skill has 60 meter range, bond level 25-50 has 80m, bond level 50-75 has 100m, and bond level 75 or more has 120 meters.


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