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    Playable Tank Hero in Overwatch. A former professional gamer from South Korea, who now uses her skills to pilot a state-of-the-art mech in defense of her homeland.

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    Hana Song is a professional video game player who was recruited by the South Korean military to pilot an advanced combat unit called a MEKA. The MEKA units were designed to combat an enormous omnic that had been emerging from the East China Sea every few years to attack South Korea. Originally, the MEKA operated autonomously without the need for an onboard pilot. As the attacking omnic adapted to South Korea's defenses, it managed to disrupt the drone network controlling the units, necessitating the deployment of pilots.


    D.Va is a tank hero, capable of absorbing damage and using her mech to traverse the battlefield quickly. She is the only character in Overwatch who can exist in two separate states: pilot and mech.


    Fusion Cannons (Mech)

    Automatic cannons on both sides of the mech that fire in a shotgun-like spread. The cannons cannot overheat and have no ammo limit, allowing for unlimited sustained fire. Firing the cannons slows down the mech's movement speed. They can be used while boosting.

    Boosters (Mech)

    Wing-mounted boosters that allow the mech to fly for a short period of time.

    Defense Matrix (Mech)

    D.Va projects a matrix in front of her mech that nulls all incoming damage.

    Micro Missiles (Mech)

    A barrage of straight-firing missiles launched from the wings of the mech. The missiles can be fired while using the defense matrix.

    Self-Destruct (Mech Ultimate)

    D.Va initiates the self-destruct sequence on her mech, ejecting out and causing it to explode a few seconds later.

    Light Gun (Pilot D.Va)

    While out of her mech, D.Va is equipped with a powerful and fast-firing pistol.

    Call Mech (Pilot D.Va Ultimate)

    D.Va's ultimate while outside of her mech calls in a new one from above for her to board.


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