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    Main character in the Vampire Hunter D franchise.

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    D is a vampire hunter created by Japanese fiction author Hideyuki Kikuchi. To date, the character has appeared in twenty-two novels, two anime movies, one video game, and a manga series. D's design was created by Yoshitaka Amano, who creates the illustrations for the novels.

    D is a dhampir, a cross-breed of human and vampire, and is in fact the son of Count Dracula, the most ancient and revered of the vampires. His lineage has granted him an assortment of powers, including a superhuman level of speed, an accelerated healing property, and the ability to use some forms of magic. D is also a masterful swordsman and uses a weapon with a long, thin blade not unlike a katana. He also has a vast array of knowledge regarding the monsters and mutants he encounters. Like full-blood vampires, D is weakened by sunlight to an extent, though sun exposure is not fatal. D does not require to feed on blood as a manner of sustenance and chooses to live his life as a human. He only resorts to the use of his vampiric blood lust when the situation demands it.

    D's primary companion and ally is a symbiote in his left hand that is just called Left Hand. He talks to D both both verbally and through his mind. His sarcastic personality often makes him an annoyance to D, but Left Hand is also able to resurrect D if the vampire hunter has been killed or use certain forms of magic to stop a threat.


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