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D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die - Review

D4 is an experience unlike any other that you could have in video games.

Whether that is a good thing, that is for you to decide. A good starting point is did you like Deadly Premoniton? Then you will probably dig this gem. If you didn't? I suggest passing on the game or at least wait till a sale before taking the plunge into the world of David Young, his charming (terrible?) Boston accent, and Flight 117.

D4 is for the most part an interactive comic, you will be spending most of your time talking to characters and doing favors for them while looking for clues and trying to figure out how someone can disappear from a plane in flight. It took me 3 1/2 hours to main line the story, but I skipped quite a bit of optional side quests in favor of seeking out the next story beat. I found the gameplay interesting and incredibly different than anything I have every experienced, and for me that is a huge bonus. I like to play different types of games every now and again to remind myself that we can still experiement in the game industry.

It is a Swery game, which means its incredibly weird, very weird. The story revolves around several mysteries that are connected in various ways, but the shining part of the game is crazy, memorable characters that inhabit the world and whom you will be interacting with. While 3 1/2 hours wasn't enough time (for me) to remember everyones name (a sign to me that I'm really enjoyed the media I am viewing/playing/reading), the characters are highly memorable and I could describe them in full detail as well as describe meaningful moments that they were apart of.

The game does end on a cliff hanger, but the game is set up for sequels/seasons to continue. This might be a turn off for some, I personally don't mind it as long as content doesn't take too long to come out. I enjoyed my time with the game and want to play the game again to find what I missed and just in general, be in the world that Swery has created.

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