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    Da Ji

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    A concubine of a Chinese king said to be responsible for the fall of China's Shang dynasty.

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    Da Ji (more commonly romanized as Daji) was a concubine of King Zhou, the last king of China's Shang Dynasty. King Zhou became so infatuated with Daji that he began neglecting his responsibilities as ruler in order to be with her as well as spending lavish amounts of wealth to satisfy her often sadistic desires. This neglect escalated to a breaking point and led to the destruction of the Shang Dynasty. When King Wu, the first ruler of the Zhou Dynasty took power, he had Daji executed for her crimes.

    Daji has been mythologized in Fengshen Yanyi, a work of classic Chinese literature. As an antagonist in the work, she is possessed by a fox spirit and engages in a fictionalized account of her corruption of King Zhou. Some later myths also suggest that the fox that possessed Daji and Tamamo-no-Mae, a kitsune chronicled in Otogizoshi that gained the favor of Japan's Emperor Konoe, are one in the same.

    Warriors Orochi

    Da Ji is an evil character that appears in the Warriors Orochi series as an ally of Orochi. She assists him after he uses his powers to fuse Three Kingdoms-era China and Warring States-era Japan into one realm in order to fight against the greatest warriors of both eras. Her weapons are large magic orbs that she can levitate and use to strike her enemies. In Warriors Orochi 2, she befriends Himiko, whom she and Kiyomori Taira use in a scheme to resurrect the defeated Orochi.

    In Warriors Orochi 3, Da Ji once again attempts to bring Orochi back while evading the wrath of Susano-o. While aiding the united warriors in their effort to gather allies and defeat the hydra, she plots to steal away Orochi's corpse and revive him.

    The Warriors Orochi incarnation of Da Ji is designed with elements in mind to suggest that she is a kitsune; a shape-shifting trickster fox.


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