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To me it feels... fine. I started to get a sense of how you can trick out your mech by the end of the four missions included, but even then, it only started to feel like a I had any fun controlling the mech. If they have a lot of options for how to tune your character and mechs, it could end up having some fun arcadey shooter vibes. It seemed like these missions do throw you in with basically the starter mech, with maybe an accelerated upgrade ramp. The character VO is very anime, but not obnoxious. The metal soundtrack works well enough, in my opinion. The aesthetics are a little too blown out, but fine if you don't ask too many questions (a tree growing out of the top of a building?). The bio-mods really mess up your player character.

I'm doing a bad job writing this, so I'll stop, but anyone else have thoughts?

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It seems very much like a style over substance thing. I love the colour palette and mech animation, but the combat isn't super deep. That might change with the full release when there is more weapon and armour variety.

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Yeah I wasn’t into it. The demo was enough - it felt a lot like a PS2 game.

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This will be mostly a copy and paste from a Discord conversation so it might be edited weird. However, I would like to start by saying that I started out thinking this game was just okay but grew to like it a lot and see potential after playing more.

it's like Mon Hun and EDF where you pick missions from a list, tho mostly like mon hun where missions have tiers/difficulties. The boss in the demo is huge and you can break stuff off it to use against it. For example:

if you hit the weakpoints at the super laser, it drops, you can pick it up, and shoot the big mech with the super laser which is like 3 times your size and the beam is basically a Kamehameha.

It is generally a loot game, though you can also buy stuff in the full game I guess, but the shop is taped up in the demo. You loot parts off rival mechs to improve your own. The rival mechs mean business. So far, they seem faster than you are, but have pretty low health.

The lockon is very generous. I thought I had to manually have them in my crosshairs and I assume that gives you better damage, but as long as the lockon box is on them you can style around them.

It's not a great start to be honest since your starting Arsenal has a slow gun and is, itself, slow, but when you get drops and mod your mech it opens up a lot. It's super meticulous in some parts of mech customization. I just look at the numbers mostly, but some parts are geared for tanking, others for maneuvering. My Arsenal is currently pretty fast now. They don't tell you that this is the purpose of the game right away. That replaying missions to get better drops is the loop. If you stopped after fighting the boss you're doing yourselves a disservice. I now have a sword, and multiple guns. My mech's parts are built for speed so I can maneuver around enemies pretty easily.

You have both hands for weapons you get from the missions. You have "pylons" on your back to hold 2 more. So I have a shield and sword + 2 guns. Then you have your shoulder homing missiles. I haven't picked up an auxiliary weapon tho. Those would be like grenades and such, but i hear they're in the demo already. It is SUPER unclear on how to use the pylons. You click a direction twice to change weapons. One click for which hand. Another for which pylon you want to grab from. You can also click left or right to select a hand, then hold up to throw your weapon at an enemy. It destroys the weapon in the quest but you get it back at base. I accidentally threw my shield once.

I hear the Outer/Pilot based combat is also viable. I've heard of people doing the missions as a human. The tech tree for the Outer is also pretty good. My Outer looks so different now with Glowing eyes, and robot limbs.

I'm mostly sold on it. The core gameplay is pretty solid, but it could still use improvements. Transparency options on the HUD and better damage indicators and enemy elevation would be nice. The HUD options are insane already but they're an on off toggle I just want it to be transparent so I can see the screen more. People also say gyro aiming should be added. I agree as a gyro aiming person. It also needs a training room to test weapon values.

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The demo crashed as I started the first mission & I haven't bothered to try it again.

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I got bit by the part collecting bug, I actually spent enough time to collect all the pieces. The gameplay was solid enough to get me interested in the final product.

I feel like I don't have enough fingers to push all the buttons I want when I'm trying to fly/shoot/use shoulder weapon. Looking at options it looks like they let you remap every button, so that's nice.

@leadhooves The only AUX items I found were grenades and a "down booster"- a booster that sole purpose is to boost your mech down to the ground.

I also tried playing it in portable mode, which surprisingly seemed to have a more consistent frame rate to me. Hopefully they'll be able to optimize the performance a bit more, there can be some major slow down in either docked or undocked.

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I didn't put a ton of time in to it, just did each mission once and then redid the second one again. I found the controls to feel clunky, especially the ascent/descent. And like @notsosneakyguy said, I felt like I didn't have enough fingers to push everything I needed to at once. But learning that you can remap them will probably help, and seeing that different mech parts can dramatically change your speed and boost makes me want to give it a little more time.

Plus, I never got my hands on a sword, and how can I judge it before swinging a sword?

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