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    Dahlia Hawthorne

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    Heartless and manipulative, Dahlia Hawthorne, twin sister of Iris, is the main antagonist in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations.

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    Dahlia Hawthorne and her twin sister Iris were born to Morgan Fey. Their father ultimately left because he despised his status in the matriarchal world of the Fey Clan. Dahlia convinced him to abandon Iris at a shrine. He then remarried, giving Dahlia a step-sister named Valerie. At age 14, Dahlia hatched a plan with an older man named Terry Fawles in order to steal from her father and escape. However, she then faked her own death in order to frame Terry for the whole set up, and allowed her step-sister to arrange for her to take on a new identity.
    Six years later when Fawles escaped from prison, Dahlia killed her sister in order to frame Terry for it, hoping to eliminate everyone who knew her secret. However, Mia Fey, alongside Diego Armando, deduced what had really happened. Dahlia had planned for such a circumstance, however, and had told Terry to drink from a vial which contained a deadly poison.
    Six months later, Dahlia successfully met with Diego Armondo, and slipped a poison in his coffee that wound up putting him in a coma. This time, she had no way to escape with the evidence, and was forced to hide it in a necklace and give it to a young law student named Phoenix Wright, pretending to have fallen in love with him. She then forced her twin sister Iris to date Phoenix while impersonating her, until six months later she committed another murder and framed Phoenix for it. This time, however, Mia Fey did not allow her to escape, and Dahlia was sentenced to death.
    After several years in prison, she eventualy met her estranged mother, who had been jailed fallowing her attempt to frame her niece for murder, which had been exposed by Phoenix Wright. With Dahlia's execution soon at hand, the two forged a plot to have revenge on everyone who had wronged them by having Pearl Fey channel Dahlia's spirit after death. Dahlia ultimately winds up in the body of Maya Fey, where she and her rival Mia Fey (inhabiting Pearl's body) clash for one final time.

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