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    Daigasso! Band Brothers

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Dec 02, 2004

    Daigasso! Band Brothers is a Rhythm Game for the Nintendo DS, released on December 2, 2004 in as a launch title. It was originally planned to be released on the Game Boy Color and then the Game Boy Advance.

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    Daigasso! Band Brothers is a Rhythm Game for the Nintendo DS, released on December 2, 2004 in as a launch title. The game was developed by Nintendo's SPD 5 and R&D 2 studios. It was originally planned to be released on the Game Boy Color and then the Game Boy Advance.

    The game was said to get a Western Release called Jam with the Band but it never did. However, on June 26, 2008 a sequel called Daigasso! Band Brothers DX was released and eventually localized for the western market with the name Jam with the Band.


    Daigasso! Band Brothers is not a rhythm game in its classical form. Players don't just have to tap buttons to the rhythm of a song, they practically play the song. There's a wide selection of songs to choose from, going from Japanese Pop songs to old NES game tunes. For every song players have to choose the instrument they want to play. This can be the lead instrument, the backing instruments or even the rhythm section. The different instruments have different ratings in the form of stars, the rhythm section being usually the hardest and some of the backing instruments usually being pretty easy.

    In the end the player performs the songs with the four face buttons (A, B, X,Y) and the directional buttons (up, down, left, right) with alteration by the shoulder buttons (L,R). In the beginning of the game though players just use some of the buttons and tap the touch screen for harder parts.

    After some songs players can enter the recording studio where they have to play three songs in a row, passing all with a good rating. By doing so, from then on, they have to press more buttons to play the song until finally they play the whole song.

    Contrary to most other rhythm games, except for the recording studio part, it's impossible to fail a song. At the end, the player's performance gets rated. So it turns into a more personal challenge to become good at all the instruments for all the songs.

    Game Modes

    There’s a Multiplayer mode which let’s players play the songs with up to 8 people, every person playing one instrument. In order to do this, the participants need 8 Nintendo DS systems and 8 cartridges of the game. There’s also the option to send one song to a friend who doesn’t have the game and play together.

    There’s also an Edit Mode where players can compose songs themselves using the touch screen to select notes. It’s possible to compose the notes for 8 instruments per song. Note sheets for songs can be found on the internet.

    Expansion Pack

    On September 26,2005, an expansion pack in form of a GBA cartridge was released. It contained 31 new songs, which were chosen based on a survey posted on Nintendo's website. This made Daigasso the first Nintendo DS game that uses the GBA port for more than some minor unlockables. The downside is, players can’t save any of their progress, so they have to write it down to keep track.

    Song List

    • * J-Pop
    • o Ayumi Hamasaki - SEASONS
    • o Chemistry - Point of No Return
    • o Mr. Children - Namonaki Uta
    • o Spitz - Sora mo Toberu Hazu
    • o - Honey
    • o KinKi Kids - Zenbu Dakishimete
    • o Exile - Choo Choo TRAIN
    • o Ai Otsuka - Sakuranbo
    • o Morning Musume - Renai Revolution 21
    • o Aya Matsuura - Yeah! Meccha Holiday
    • * World
    • o Foster Medley
    • o Christmas Medley
    • o Russian Medley
    • o Scott Joplin - The Entertainer
    • o Children's Songs Medley
    • o Dixieland Jazz - When the Saints Go Marching In
    • o World Songs Medley
    • o Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water
    • * TV
    • o EVERY LITTLE THING - fragile - Opening to "Ainori"
    • o Abarenbou Shougun Theme - Abarenbou Shougun - Opening to "Abarenbō Shōgun"
    • o Younha - Touch - Opening to "Touch"
    • o G-Men '75 - G-Men '75 - Opening to "G-Men '75 (Government Men)"
    • o L'Arc~en~Ciel - READY STEADY GO! - Second opening to "Fullmetal Alchemist"
    • o Porno Graffiti - Melissa - First opening to "Fullmetal Alchemist"
    • o GLAY - WAY OF DIFFERENCE - Opening to "Ainori"
    • o Sae - Kirari! Sailor Dream - Opening to "Bishōjo Senshi Sailormoon"
    • o Psychic Lover - Tokusō Sentai Dekaranger - Opening to "Tokusō Sentai Dekaranger"
    • * Classic
    • o Slow Classic Medley
    • o Antonio Vivaldi - The Four Seasons/Spring
    • o Athletic Medley
    • * Game
    • o Fire Emblem theme
    • o Zelda no Densetsu Medley
    • 1. The Legend of Zelda theme
    • 2.
    • 3. Zelda's Lullaby
    • 4. Saria's Song
    • 5. The Legend of Zelda theme reprise and finale
    • o Hoshi no Kirby Medley
    • o Mario Medley
    • 1. Super Mario Bros. Overworld theme
    • 2. Super Mario World Overworld theme
    • 3. Super Mario Bros. 3 Overworld theme
    • 4. Super Mario Land Overworld theme
    • 5. Super Mario Sunshine theme
    • 6. Super Mario 64 - Main theme
    • o Famicom Medley
    • 1. Mario Bros. - Title BGM
    • 2. Balloon Fight - Balloon Trip
    • 3. Wrecking Crew - Game Start
    • 4. Dr. Mario - Fever
    • 5. Donkey Kong - Title BGM
    • 6. Ice Climber - Bonus Stage
    • 7. Wrecking Crew - BGM A
    • 8. - Game Start
    • 9. Excitebike - Race Finish
    • o Pocket Monsters Medley
    • 1. Title/Opening Theme
    • 2. theme
    • o F-Zero Medley
    • 1.
    • 2. Big Blue
    • o Barbara Bat Theme

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