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The Empire of Japan

Shibagami (柴神i)

  • God

Mikado (帝)

  • Empress

Rikori Yamashita (山下 利古里)

  • Leader of the Army

Sakura Ugaki (宇垣 さくら )

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs

Tsuyoshi Tougou (東郷 毅)

  • Protagonist and Fleet Admiral and Navy Minister. His wife died in a ship accident.

Maki Tougou (東郷 真希)

  • Tougou's daughter

Gamerica Republic

Frank D. Loose

  • President

Four Plutocrats' Representatives

Hannah Rock

Koo Rosche

Carol Kiring

Dorthy Neumann

Fleet Commanders

  • Devil Dwight
  • Eagle Douglas

The Soviet Human United Organization

  • Catherine
  • Mirja
  • Mir Goepe
  • Big Sorge
  • Lorikov Banra
  • Juzan Zhukov
  • Lidiya Rokossovsky
  • Mallon Kondratenko

The Third Reich of Dokutsu

  • Retia Adolf
  • Grecia Goebbels
  • Nontsich Himmeler
  • El Rommel
  • Eisen Mansten
  • Ermi Doenitz
  • VTVN
  • Trieste Stettin

The Republic Empire of Itarin

  • Muccilini Venezia
  • Pietro
  • Yuri Julius

The Kingdom of O'france

  • Louis LXXX
  • Charlotte Partheney

Aeris Empire

  • Sarah Britain
  • Mary Britain
  • Eliza Britain
  • John Lawrence
  • Victory Nelson
  • Claude Montgomery

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