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    The evil Dalton resides in The Kingdom of Zeal in the game Chrono Trigger.

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    Dalton is an antagonist that appears in the 12,000 B.C. era of Chrono Trigger. He is the commander of Zeal's military forces and is eager to see Queen Zeal's plans come to fruition so that he may gain the immortality that she promised her people. However, though his station in the military commands great importance, he is largely ignored by the queen in favor of a mysterious prophet that had only recently appeared.

    In this regard, Dalton is incredibly jealous of the attention the prophet commands, and in turn, his jealously also reveals a certain level of childish petulance. Such behavior is put on display when he is forced to stay behind at the Zeal Palace while most every other important dignitary, including Queen Zeal, her daughter Schala, her son Janus, and the prophet all travel to the Ocean Palace to see the Mammon Machine. Dalton also does very little fighting himself, relying on the abilities of his golems to fight for him.

    Following the collapse of the floating continents and islands that make up the kingdom of Zeal and the disappearance of the queen, Dalton attempts to usurp power for himself, captures the party, and steals the Epoch. He inadvertently helps Crono's friends when he orders his minions to upgrade the Epoch and make it capable of flight. Unaware of its capabilities as a time machine, his intention is to use the Epoch as his personal chariot. However, his plot is quickly foiled by Crono's friends, and his short reign ends ignominiously when he is pulled into a portal after a failed attempt at calling one of his golems to his aid.


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