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The second game in the Mercenary franchise the premise of, Damocles was a game which used solid vector graphics to simulate a colourful world.

The player is stranded on the planet Eris in the Gamma system with an inoperable spacecraft and a comet, Damocles, on a collision course; over the course of the game the player can explore the entire solar system. The player must escape Eris and discover a way to avert the collision of Damocles and Eris - it is possible accomplish this destructively (by destroying Damocles) or non-destructively by diverting the asteroid. There are 5 possible solutions.

It's your job to prevent this from happening but you only have a very short time. You will need to explore the solar system (9 planets and 19 moons) to find some way of stopping the comet. Walk and drive around planets/moons, fly spaceships, explore and use items but if you don't find a way to stop it people aren't going to be too happy with you.

Travel between the planets and moons would take a long time if executed in 'real-time'. The game allowed the user to excelerate the passage of time, which shortened the travel times to seconds, but also ate away the time to impact by , limiting the amount of travel possible.

Two mission disks were later released for Damocles


One of the locations on Eris was Birmingham Island, which featured several streets named after real roads in Birmingham, England, which was the location of the Novagen Software office at the time. Both the author's house and Novagen were visitable locations in the game.


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