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    Damon Gant

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    District Chief of Police Damon Gant plays a big part in the case 'Rise from the Ashes' in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

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    Damon Gant is generally known as an eccentric, likable man that tends to call others by pet names. He is also prone to long pauses before he speaks. He owns a large pipe organ located in his office, which he regularly plays, and enjoys swimming.


    Gant started as a detective working with future chief prosecutor Lana Skye, forming what many called the "Legendary Duo". Two years before the events of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Gant and Lana had successfully captured serial killer Joe Darke. During his questioning, Joe Darke escaped into Gant and Skye's office, where he fought prosecutor Neil Marshall. Skye and Gant arrived to find Marshall dead, Darke unconscious, and Lana's sister Ema traumatized after almost becoming another of Darke's victims. Using the evidence found there, they successfully convicted Joe Darke. Afterward, Gant was promoted to police chief, and Lana was appointed chief prosecutor.
    Two years later, after the murder of one of the case's investigators, Bruce Goodman, it emerges that Gant had arrived at the scene first and manipulated the evidence (including killing Marshall himself) to suggest Ema was the accidental murderer. Lana further manipulated the evidence to hide Ema's "guilt" and secure Joe Darke's conviction. Once he was promoted to chief of police, he gave Lana her new post in order to control the prosecutor's office by blackmailing Lana with the evidence of Ema's crimes. This reign of complete control over the city's law enforcement lasted until Gant admitted to murdering Goodman after he had asked Gant to re-open the case.


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