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    Dampé is the grave-keeper that appears in a few games of the Legend of Zelda series.

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    Dampé is an old man whose iterations play similar roles in the storyline of Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Four Swords Adventures, and The Minish Cap. He was introduced in Ocarina of Time as the grave-keeper who, for a small fee from Link, digs around the graveyard at night (he refers to this as "Dampé's Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour"). If Link were to enter his hut when he is not around, Link can read his diary which describes a "treasure that stretches and shrinks". When Link is an adult, Dampé has already passed away, and his ghost resides at his grave just outside Kakariko Village. He offers to race Link in a lengthy, maze-like tomb area below his grave. Link cannot win this race, but by finishing without being shut out by one of several timed, falling doors, Dampé rewards him with the Hookshot, and if the race is finished in under a minute, a Heart Piece. Link can win later races after obtaining the Longshot.

    In Majora's Mask, if the player wears the Captain's Mask and talks to him when he is in the graveyard, he panics and runs back to his house. On the third day, he wanders around under one of the graves searching for treasure and asks Link for help.


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