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    Dan Severn

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    Dan "The Beast" Severn is a retired American mixed martial artist and professional wrestler.

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    Dan Severn is a veteran mixed martial artist and professional wrestler. He is most notable for his earlier success in the UFC tournaments starting at UFC 4. His success has lead him towards many championships and later being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. He was fought and wrestled under other promotions, such as: King of the Cage, PRIDE FC, Cage Rage, WEC, RINGS, the earlier WWF and TNA wrestling. He currently has fought over 110 sanctioned MMA fights, and finally announced his retirement from fighting at the end of 2012. He also trains prospective fighters near his hometown of Coldwater, Michigan.

    Dan Severn was also the assistant coach of Don Frye's high school wrestling team. He was seen at Don Frye's corner at his UFC debut in UFC 8.


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    Dan Severn is a playable character exclusively for the Playstation 3 version of the UFC Undisputed 2010 video game.


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