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    Dan Smith

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    Dan Smith is one of the Smith personae in the Capcom action game, Killer7.

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    Dan Smith, also known as "The Hellion", is a 33-year-old Irish American assassin and the most aggressive member of the Smith Syndicate. He is voiced by Michael Gough.

    Born in Detroit, Dan was killed by Emir Parkreiner at the Union Hotel while attending a secret political meeting for the liberal Union 7 group in 1955. After being reincarnated by Harman Smith, he became an agent of the Seattle Self-Defense Department under the tutelage of Curtis Blackburn, who later murdered Dan after being framed by Pedro Montana for stealing from Blackburn's organ trafficking syndicate. He eventually manages to extract his revenge by killing Blackburn in 2011, after being reincarnated once again by Garcian Smith.

    Dan has a complex relationship with the other members of the Smith Syndicate - he is intensely disliked by Con Smith, and shares a fierce rivalry with Coyote Smith after having killed him in a past life. He also bears a strong hatred towards Harman Smith, and is responsible for having crippled him during a fit of lunacy. Dan is also an old acquaintance of Christopher Mills, but their relationship has soured.

    Throughout the game, Dan wields a Colt Python .357 which is eventually replaced by the "Demon Gun", handed to him at Ishizaka Land before his encounter with Blackburn. The "Demon Gun" is a two barreled revolver that holds twelve rounds. One of Dan's special abilities is the "Collateral Shot", a powerful attack that is capable of detroying Duplicator Smiles in a single well-aimed hit.

    Dan's Quotes

    Select Screen:

    • "Wait here."
    • "You wanna die, huh?"
    • "Maybe."
    • [laughs] "You sure are an ugly fella'. How's it been, huh?"
    • "Oh, is this a bad time? I hope I'm not interrupting anything...OR AM I?!"
    • "I feel my blood rushing through my body. Yes, this is it, the feeling, it's coming back to me! The sensation of killing! The doom and darkness... The dark streets, they're calling me. Calling me to the ultimate ring!"
    • "You called?"


    • "This is too easy."
    • "You bastard."
    • "Yes."
    • "Collateral shot!"


    • Dan Smith was killed in room #601 in the Union Hotel.

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