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    Dana Scully

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    Dana Scully is Fox Mulder's partner in the FBI and was assigned to him to bring a skeptical point of view to his investigation into the X-Files

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    Dana Scully, played by actress Gillian Anderson,  was the partner of Fox Mulder during the long running television series, The X-Files.  Dana Scully was assigned to Fox Mulder to debunk his theories on the paranormal and to bring a skeptical perspective to the X-Files.  Throughout the course of the show's history Scully has tried to provide objective points of views to the cases that she and Mulder were involved in, but sometimes she just was not able to explain some things.

    Together Mulder and Scully have stopped serial killers, strange creatures, and murderers as they have investigated the paranormal.  Though not a strong believer in the idea of extraterrestrials, Scully has had first hand encounters with them. In one of the later seasons, Scully is abducted by aliens and is impregnated.  The child she gave birth to was named William who displayed extraordinary abilities, such as telekinesis and was eventually given up for adoption after his life and Scully's life were put in danger by a secret shadow organization that wanted to cover up the truth about extraterrestrials.

    After the X-Files were closed Dana Scully left the Federal Bureau of Investigation and became a doctor, leaving any trace of the paranormal behind her.

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