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Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix (DDR 3rdMix) is the third iteration of the Dance Dance Revolution series. This dance game featured a soundtrack with a stronger Eurobeat emphasis than previous versions as a response to the Japanese audience's warm reception to Eurobeat and Eurodance.

DDR 3rdMix along with its predecessor, Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMIX would go on to serve as a basis for the franchise's first official North American release, Dance Dance Revolution USA.


Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix was never released out of Japan, but many arcade machines and PlayStation game copies can be found worldwide. The actual release date in Japan was October 30, 1999 for the arcade version, and June 1st, 2000 for the PlayStation version.

In March of 2000, two Korean arcade versions of 3rd Mix were released, known as "verKorea1" and "verKorea2." They added 7 and 9 new songs respectively.

In June 21, 2000, KCET re-released 3rdMix with a harder mode for dancing (maniac) and 23 additional songs: 14 new ones, 7 from the first Korean version of the game and 2 from the DDR 2ndMix.

Gameplay & Features

Basic gameplay

See also: Dance Dance Revolution gameplay

Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix features the same gameplay as its predecessors. The player steps on the panels of a four-panel dance pad to match on-screen arrow cues in time with music. Once a song is finished, the player is scored and given a grade based on how accurate and consistent their dancing was.

3rdMix introduced color-coded arrows, making it easier for the player to distinguish between quarter, eighth, sixteenth, and triplet notes. This "vivid mode" staggers the arrows' animation cycle so that no two types of notes are ever the same color. "Flat mode," the older presentation of arrows, is included as a gameplay modifier for added challenge.

Additional game modes

A second player can join and play one of two modes: Versus and Unison. Versus pits two players against each other in a competition for the highest score. However, players can choose different difficulties for added accessibility. Unison is a cooperative mode in which two players read arrows from one shared stream (as opposed to the separate streams of versus). Yellow arrows must be pressed by both players, blue arrows must be pressed by player one, and red arrows must be pressed by player two.

Nonstop mode is available for one or two players, and presents players with sets of four songs that must be played back-to-back.

Double mode is a single-player mode that makes use of two dance pads for more advanced play.

Diet mode is a PlayStation-exclusive mode that presents the player with an approximation of the calories they've burned during gameplay.

Other features

Like Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix on the PlayStation, the PlayStation version of 3rd Mix features an Edit Mode that allows players to create their own stepcharts for any song in the game.

Paint Mode is exclusive to the PS1 3rd Mix, and it allows players to draw their own in-game arrows.

Console players can also create their own Nonstop courses in Nonstop Order mode.

Certain 3rdMix arcade machines feature PlayStation memory card slots. Players can use their memory cards to export data from the Nonstop Order, Edit, and Paint modes for arcade play.

DDR 3rdMix also has some PocketStation functionality.

Song List

Song TitleArtistBasicAnotherManiac
Boom Boom Dollar (K.O.G. G3 MIX)King Kong & D. Jungle Girls578
butterfly (UPSWING MIX)smile.dk468
Captain Jack (GRANDALE REMIX)Captain Jack479
Dam DariramJoga468
Dead EndN&S579
Do it All NightE-ROTIC358
End of the CenturyNo. 9478
Flashdance (What a Feeling)Magika478
Follow the Sun (90 in the Shade Mix)Triple J467
gentle stress (AMD SEXUAL MIX)MR. DOG feat. DJ SWAN578
Get Up (Before the Night is Over)Technotronic feat. Ya Kid K467
Get Up and MoveFreedom247
Graduisic Cyber (AMD G5 Mix)Big-O feat. TAKA579
HolidayWho's that Girl!456
If You Can Say GoodbyeKate Project456
In the Navy '99 (XXL Disaster Remix)Captain Jack468
It Only Takes a Minute (Extended Remix)Tavares356
Jam Jam Reggae (AMD SWING MIX)Rice. C feat. Jam Master '73278
La SeñoritaCaptain T467
Luv to Me (AMD Mix)DJ Kazu feat. Yamato478
Mr. Wonderfulsmile.dk467
Oh Nick Please Not So QuickE-ROTIC457
Operator (Two Gees Mix)Papaya357
Rock BeatLoud Force478
Silent HillThomas Howard267
So Many MenMe & My356
The RaceCaptain Jack357
Turn Me On (Heavenly Mix)E-ROTIC467
Upside DownCoo Coo357
Vol. 4Raver's Choice468
Wonderland (UKS Mix)X-Treme467
XanaduThe Olivia Project146

3rdMix PLUS Songlist:

Song TitleArtistBasicAnotherManiac
After the Game of LoveNPD3145
Ba KkwoLee Jung Hyun467
Bu DamBack Ji Young347
Bumble BeeBambee357
Cutie ChaserClub Spice347
Drop the BombScotty D.456
Gimme Gimme GimmeE-ROTIC346
Hero (KCP Discotique Mix)Papaya346
La Señorita Virtual2MB788
Sung SukSpace A357
Tell Me Tell MeS#ARP356
think ya better DsAmi345
TRIP MACHINE (luv mix)2MB678
WALee Jung Hyun356

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