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    Dance Dance Revolution HOTTEST PARTY

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Sep 25, 2007

    The first Dance Dance Revolution for Wii! It is also the first DDR game that implements Hand Movements.

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    Track List

    Song Name - Artist - Original Artist
    •  1, 2 Step -LADY-S -Ciara
    •     CLOCKS -T.R.MASTER MC -Coldplay
    •     Yo, Excuse Me Miss -Smooth-1 -Chris Brown
    •     Always (Microbots Trance Dance Mix) -MAN'S COOL -Erasure
    •     Lips of an Angel -JET ROCKERS -Hinder
    •     Summertime -Eazin' -DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
    •     Blue Monday-wg -New Order
    •     Caught Up -Stopped Cold -Usher
    •     Gypsy woman -neo-GRUV -Crystal Waters
    •     I Don't Feel Like Dancin' -Life Aloud -Scissor Sisters
    •     Little L -Single Funk -Jamiroquai
    •     The Sign -Honey Sweets -Ace of Base
    •     Disco Inferno -OK·OK·OK -The Trammps
    •     Far Away -Traveler -Nickelback
    •     Nothing But You -TRANCE JACK-Paul van Dyk
    •     You Spin Me ‘Round (Like a Record) -M.A.N -Dead or Alive
    •     Too Little,Too Late -Okokoro -JoJo
    •     Buried a Lie -COOLS K -Senses Fail
    •     Finally -CLUB 90's -CeCe Peniston (exclusive to the Japanese Version)
    •     Karma Chameleon -happy happy cores -Culture Club
    •     Hot Stuff -DISCO QUEEN -Donna Summer
    •     Call On Me -2000's STARS -Nelly and Janet Jackson
    •     99 Red Balloons-M-CREW project -Nena
    •     Lesson by DJ (Japanese version) -U.T.D & Friends
    •     Touchin' -The Lonely Hearts
    •     let it out -true dreamer
    •     Here I Go Again -NM feat.Malaya (exclusive to the Japanese Version)
    •     TRUE♥LOVE (Clubstar's True Club Mix) -jun feat. Schanita (exclusive to the Japanese Version)
    •     will -NAOKI (exclusive to the Japanese Version)
    •     Beautiful Inside (Cube::Hard Mix) -NM feat. Alison Wade (exclusive to the Japanese Version)
    •     Heavens and the Earth -The Lonely Hearts
    •     Moving On -J.J. Pops
    •     B4U (Rising Sun mix) -NAOKI with J-RAVERS
    •     Such A Feeling -U1
    •     Confession -trance star
    •     THE REASON -Black Rose Garden
    •     Hold Tight -800 slopes (exclusive to the Japanese Version)
    •     DOUBLE TORNARD -evo-X (exclusive to the Japanese Version)
    •     Mess With My Emotions - Latenighter
    •     little steps -Freeman
    •     the beat -Sparky
    •     BRE∀K DOWN! (World Version)  - ELE ROCKS
    •     CANDY (UFO mix) - The Sweetest
    •     We Will Live Together - Happy CoreMAN
    •     1998 (Sparky 2006)  - J-RAVERS
    •     I'm Flying Away - Stepper
    •     LOVE SHINE (Body Grooverz 2006 mix) - W.W.S
    •     SUPER SAMURAI  -  jun
    •     tokyoEVOLVED -  NAOKIunderground
    •     Pluto The First - WHITE WALL (exclusive to the Japanese Version)

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