Dance Dance Revolution UNIVERSE

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Feb 27, 2007

    DDR Universe was the first DDR game made for the 7th generation of consoles and is an Xbox 360 exclusive. The European version known as 'Dancing Stage Universe' launched with 12 extra songs while omitting a few found in the U.S version.

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    DDR Universe is the first DDR game made for HD-capable machines and is an Xbox 360 exclusive. Gameplay remains largely unchanged using the Dance Mat though the game can be played using the 360 controller. The game features a variety of familiar modes improved for the new generation.


    The basics of the gameplay established by previous games in the series remains unchanged. Using the Dance Mat players must step in the appropriate direction which is dictated by the arrows that appear on the screen. These actions range from simple directional manoeuvres to and intense acrobatics. Using the Xbox 360 controller, the D pad and face buttons (X, Y, B, A) serve the same directional purpose. The game demands the use of both the D pad and the face buttons since pressing down on the D pad cancels out the ability to press up, hence the Y button emulates this function.

    Groove Radar

    Players can rely on a graphical representation to indicate just how demanding a song will be and in what way, based on the difficulty level that they choose.

    • Stream: Indicates the amount of steps
    • Voltage: Indicates the density of steps
    • Air: Indicates the amount of double steps and jumps
    • Freeze: Indicates the intensity of freeze arrows (continuous notes)
    • Chaos: Indicates the intensity of off-beat notes


    Game Mode

    In game mode you can play the default set of songs to try and earn the highest "AAA" grade.

    Party Mode

    Contains a subset of minigames for up to 4 players

    • Power: An endurance game that contains 5 special song mixes from previous games.
    • Speed: Players must clear all arrows as fast as possible
    • Attack: Each direction is tied to a power up. Succesful hits fill up the meter. The power ups are automatically used against the opponent.
    • Bomb: Make a combo before the bomb blows and pass it to the other player.
    • Sync: Players must keep each other's steps synchronized to succeed.
    • Triple: Play using three dance mats at once, or with two other players
    • Quad: Same principal, only with 4 dance mats or players.
    • Point: Starting with 16 points the player with the least accuracy per step, loses a point.
    • Score: Player with the highest score at the end of the song, wins.
    • Relay: Players take turns on a song.

    Quest Mode

    In quest mode you travel across a map of the United States in order to battle against other dancers and eventually become the champion of all competitions. The overhead view is similar to that of a board game and the player must pay a small amount of money each time he advances. Hiring back up dancers will speed up the process when building your fever meter in a crowd pleasing event. The game will present the player with specific challenges like upholding a combo or only hitting freeze arrows. In battle, players can pick their song of choice which gives them an advantage. Playing in Quest Mode is the only way to unlock new songs.

    Challenge Mode

    As the title suggests this mode is the most challenging one in the game. It features a variety of minigames spread across 10 increasing difficulties in which the songs are pre-determined. The difficulties are:

    • Simple
    • Moderate
    • Ordinary
    • Superior
    • Marvelous
    • Genuine
    • Paramount
    • Eorbitant
    • Catastrophic
    • Apocalyptic

    Additional Modes

    Other modes include: Xbox Live, Training, Edit Mode, Workout Mode, Jukebox, A list of Records and a simplified version of the game called Basic Edition.

    Visual Style

    No Caption Provided

    The game makes use of flashy patterns and vivid colors superimposed over anime style characters performing dance routines. A minority of the songs feature their original music video.


    Song TitleArtistU.S.EUROPETYPE
    8 bitDrew CampbellYesYesDefault
    Acceptable In The 80'sCalvin HarrisNOYesDefault
    All Up In My FaceDJ AcucrackYesYesDefault
    B4U (B4 ZA BEAT MIX)NAOKIYesYesDefault
    Beyond Here and NowNeuropaYesYesUnlockable
    Bongo!Wavefroup Feat. Scotty DYesYesDefault
    Brightness DarknessSparkerYesYesDefault
    CachacaMokky De Yah Yah'sYesYesUnlockable
    Castlevania (Freestylin' mix)WaveGroup Feat. Nicky GYesYesDefault
    Caught By The FuzzSupergrassNOYesDefault
    Change ChannelLo-Fi-FnkNOYesDefault
    Chelsea DaggerThe FratellisNOYesDefault
    Cish CashBasement JaxxNOYesDefault
    Close Your Eyes (mix)DaybehaviorYesYesDefault
    Cosmic HammerJondi & SpeshYesYesDefault
    Dancefloor KillerRichard KayvanYesYesDefault
    Diamond JealousyAkira YamaokaYesYesDefault
    Don't Play NiceVerbaliciousYesYesDefault
    Drivin'NAOKI Feat. Paula TerryYesYesUnlockable
    Everytime We Touch (Radio Mix)CascadaYesYesDefault
    Feels Just Like it ShouldJamiroquaiYesNODefault
    GirlsThe ProdigyNOYesDefault
    GO!DM AshuraYesYesDefault
    Guilt is a Useless Emotion (Mac Quayle Mix)New OrderYesYesDefault
    Gyruss (Full Tilt Mix)JT.1UPYesYesDefault
    Hate To Say I Told You SoThe HivesNOYesDefault
    Healing Vision (Gridlok Mix)DE-SIREYesYesUnlockable
    Heart With A View (Echo Image Mix)The Echoing GreenYesYesDefault
    Horsemen of the InvisbleSecret Chiefs 3YesYesDefault
    HOT LIMITJohn DesireYesYesDefault
    IgnitionAudio MagneticsYesYesDefault
    Indian SummerCantonYesYesDefault
    Infinite PrayerL.E.D. Light Feat. GoroYesYesDefault
    INSERTiONNAOKI UndergroundYesYesDefault
    Kagerow (Dragonfly)Des-ROW UnitedYesYesDefault
    KoibitoTogo Project Feat. SanaYesYesUnlockable
    Less 'Yap-Yap'Temporary LoversYesYesDefault
    LoopsJondi & Spesh feat J.BoneYesYesDefault
    Lonely At The TopThe Ordinary BoysNOYesDefault
    Love is On Our SideFrank Popp EnsembleYesYesDefault
    Love Me Do (The Acolyte's Mix)Akira YamaokaYesYesUnlockable
    Magic Carpet Ride (Steir's Mix)Philip Steir Feat. SteppenwolfYesYesDefault
    MaximizerCLI-MAX S.YesYesUnlockable
    MonsterThe AutomaticNOYesDefault
    My Only Shining StarNAOKI Feat. Becky LucindaYesYesUnlockable
    Nightshade (Diskowarp Easily Amused Mix)Melody and MezzoYesYesDefault
    PARANOiA Evolution200YesYesUnlockable
    Precious (Sasha's Gargantuan Vocal Mix)Depeche ModeYesYesDefault
    Put Your Faith In Me (Steve Porter Mix)UZI-LAYYesYesDefault
    Race Against TimeJeff SteinmanYesYesDefault
    Rain of SorrowNM Feat. Ebony FayYesYesDefault
    Rapper's DelightSugar Hill GangYesYesDefault
    Return of the Toe JamBig IdeaYesYesUnlockable
    Rock SteadyAll SaintsNOYesDefault
    Roughneckskylab 2000YesYesDefault
    Run It!Chris BrownYesNODefault
    Saturday NightOzomatliYesYesDefault
    September '99Earth, Wind, Fire Vs. Phats & SmallYesYesDefault
    Sky HighDJ MikoYesYesDefault
    Slow (Chemical Brothers Remix)Kylie MinogueYesYesDefault
    Someboy To LoveBoogie PimpsYesYesDefault
    Something WonderfulL.E.D.YesYesDefault
    Stop Violence!TogoYesYesUnlockable
    Summer FantasyAlien SixYesYesDefault
    Test RoomPlus Tech Squeeze BoxYesYesDefault
    The CreepsCamille Jones Feat. Fedde Le GrandNOYesDefault
    The HopOR-IF-ISYesYesDefault
    There's A RhythmDig BearYesYesDefault
    Think Ya Better DsAmiYesYesUnlockable
    Tir Na N'ogWorld SequenceYesYesUnlockable
    Treble, Bass and AttitudeThe AcolyteYesYesUnlockable
    Tsugara (OR-IF-IS Mix)RevenG vs DE-SIREYesYesDefault
    Vanity AngelFIXXYesYesDefault
    We Are Connected (Overdrive Mix)Jondi & SpeshYesYesDefault
    What Have HerChris FortierYesYesDefault
    WWW.BLONDE.GIRL (MONO MIX)Jenny RomYesYesDefault
    XenonMr. TYesYesUnlockable
    Youngmen BluesRound TableYesYesDefault

    Downloadable Content

    The following songs are available for purchase on the Xbox Live Marketplace separately for 80 Microsoft Points ($0.99) each, or as part of the two Mega Packs for 800 Microsoft Points ($9.99) each.

    These songs are not available in some European countries.

    Mega Pack 1

    Song TitleArtist
    Beside YouIntuition
    Broken My Heart (Cusimo & Co. Starlite Remix)NAOKI feat. Paula Terry
    Kiss Me All Night LongNAOKI J-STYLE feat. MIU
    Me and My FriendsThe Dandy Warhols
    On the Jazz (Smooth House Mix)Jonny Dynamite!
    White HotR.A.S.T.

    Mega Pack 2

    Song TitleArtist
    Battle BreaksDJ TAKAWO
    Dynamite RaveNAOKI
    Gradiusic CyberTAKA
    HimawariRiyu from BeForU
    Jelly KissTogo Project feat. Sana
    Moment 40Moshic
    Love This Feelin' (ZONK Remix)Akira Yamaoka
    Put Your Faith in Me (Saturday Night Mix)UZI-LAY
    Toe JamBig Idea

    Xbox 360 Game Installation

    Dance Dance Revolution Universe requires 3.4GB of space to install on an Xbox 360 HDD.


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