Dance Dance Revolution USA

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released October 2000

    Dance Dance Revolution USA is the second DDR arcade machine released in the US. It features a mixture of songs and gameplay enhancements available in previous Japanese releases.

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    This release is notable for updating the aging song list in the original DDR to include songs featured Japanese arcade machines 2ndMix and 3rdMix. The European Dancing Stage EuroMix arcade release served a similar purpose and has a similar song list as well.


    20,November -D.D.R. Version-N.M.R
    Brilliant 2UNaoki
    Dead EndN&S
    Dub I DubMe & My
    Dynamite RaveNaoki
    El Ritmo TropicalThe Dixies Gang
    End of the CenturyNo.9
    I Believe in MiraclesHi-Rise
    Jam Jam Reggae AM Swing MixRice.C feat. Jam Master '73
    Keep On Movin'N.M.R
    La SenoritaCaptain.T
    Let Them MoveN.M.R
    Love This Feelin'Chang Ma
    Luv To Me AM MixDJ Kazu feat. Tiger Yamato
    Make a Jam!U1
    Make It BetterMitsu-O!
    Paranoia KCET ~Clean Mix~2MB
    Paranoia Rebirth190'
    Put Your Faith In MeUzi-Lay
    Silent HillThomas Howard
    So Many MenMe & My
    Stomp To My BeatJS16
    Trip MachineDe-Sire
    Trip Machine ~Luv Mix~2MB

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