New DDR Wii to use the wii balance board (video)

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During this E3 Konami press conference it was revealed that the new DanceDance Revolution along with support for the "traditional" mat+wiimote controls will also feature (is made for?) balance board support.

Here is the part of the Konami press conference where they show it off. The actually demo starts about five minutes in.

Be ready to see some smooth pelvic movement executed by DDR's producer:


I'm a bit worried about the more complex patterns that come with the harder songs, will they be just as "easy" to pull of with the balance board compared to a dance mat? It does look extremely engaging and fun to play with the balance board, perhaps even a bit more accessible.

Wii fit plus has a similar (somewhat more simple) minigame but it does not match up to this. I really think that this will be one of the best  "games that make you sweat and are fun" for the Wii. I'm looking forward to how this one will turn out.

You'll really feel it working in your waist.

(I'm not sure how they are calling their new DDR games hence the reason why I am posting this in the franchise page)

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I was wondering how they'd incorperate the balance board in DDR. Looks like they found a good solution. Not my kind of thing but i hope it lives up to the expectations of hardened DDR players

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