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Dangerous Dave is a 1988 platformer by John Romero for PC and Apple II. Players must collect the trophy on each of the ten levels in order to progress to the next level.


  • Gun - Ammo is infinite, but players must wait until the bullet is out of the screen before shooting again.
  • Jetpack - used to fly over long distances; has a finite amount of fuel.
  • Purple ball- Gives 50 points.
  • Blue gem - Gives 100 points.
  • Red gem - Gives 150 points.
  • Ring - Gives 200 points.
  • Crown - Gives 300 points.
  • Wand - Gives 500 points.
  • Trophy - The key to the exit door.
  • Door - Used to finish the level.

Players will get an extra life for every 10,000 Points earned.


  • Spider - The very first enemy players will encounter, usually moves in circles and shoots one bullet at the time.
  • Red orb- A fast-moving orb that can instantly kill Dave.
  • Blue orb - A fast-moving orb that can instantly kill Dave.


  • Pipe - Entrance to new level.
  • Water - Dave cannot swim and thus water will kill him.
  • Fire - Will instantly kill Dave.
  • Purple roots - Roots that kill Dave.
  • Stars - Can be climbed.
  • Tree - Can be climbed.

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