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    Dangun Feveron

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1998

    An arcade shooter with disco themed music and graphics.

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    Dangun Feveron, also known as Fever S.O.S., is a disco-themed bullet hell shoot 'em up developed by Cave and released in 1998.


    A great military force located on planet Meruto under the command of Admiral Gratze, is attacking the earth in order to gain the most precious material there is, Water.

    An attacking base was planned on the planet Fever just between Earth and Meruto from which the invasion on Earth should have started. But right before all this, a mysterious energy wave appeared in space and all instruments of Admiral Gratze's fleet where disabled. Because of this accident even the chat between the Admiral and his wife Irene was cut off. Furious about this the Admiral ordered his fleet to land on the source of this wave.

    Ship Types

    No Caption Provided

    Fighter Type-A

    Pilot: Stephanie

    Weapon type: Straight shot

    Speed: Fast

    No Caption Provided

    Fighter Type-B

    Pilot: Afro

    Weapon type: Spread shot

    Speed: Normal

    No Caption Provided

    Fighter Type-C

    Pilot: McCoy

    Weapon type: Wide shot

    Speed: Slow


    No Caption Provided
    Front Power Up
    No Caption Provided
    Side Power Up
    No Caption Provided
    No Caption Provided
    Maximum Power Up
    No Caption Provided
    Disco Man


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