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    The protagonist for Frictional Games' "Amnesia: The Dark Descent". Waking up with no memory of anything except his name and home address, Daniel finds a letter which warns him that he had done something so terrible that the only way he could live with himself was to erase his memories.

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    Daniel wakes up alone with amnesia in both a morbid and gloomy castle. His only recollection is of his name and home address, which he dimly remembers continually repeating to himself throughout the game's opener. After battling with his feet to support him, Daniel walks toward the nearest room, that resembles a study. Upon a desk, he finds a self-addressed letter that details the reason for his mysterious condition, yet still lacks critical explanation. According to the letter, his amnesia is self-induced, his 'previous self' created a potion designed to both render him unconscious and unable to recall anything before drinking it. The letter outlines that a 'shadow' is haunting him, and that he must kill Baron Alexander of Brennenburg, the owner of the castle in which he has resided for some time. This sets up the rest of the game, which follows Daniel as he pursues Alexander and discovers more about his past and what has been wrought within the castle.

    As Daniel wanders the castle he often hears brief auditory flashbacks of conversations he had with Baron Von Brennenburg in the same area. Curiously, he also has "flashbacks" to events which he was not present for, could not possibly remember, and are therefore almost certainly hallucinations related to his waning sanity, throwing all such flashbacks into question.


    • Daniel is voiced by Richard Topping.
    • Although Daniel speaks in flashbacks and in his own diary entries, he is a silent protagonist when controlled by the player, even in the presence of other characters where it is implied that he is conversing with them.

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