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    Dante's Coin

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    Dante's double sided trick coin he would pretend to use for decisions in Devil May Cry 2. It is arguably more iconic for its appearance in Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.

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    During Dante's mission in Vie de Marli he used this trick coin to deceive his clients into thinking he accepted work based on a coin toss. Both sides of the coin feature the woman from his Devil May Cry shop logo, resembling Trish holding Luce & Ombra.

    Dante allowed Arius to gather the four Arcana artifacts to resurrect Argosax at the top of Uroboros headquarters, just so he could watch it fail before killing him. At he moment of truth, Dante revealed he had switched the Arcana Medaglia with his gag coin, preventing the ritual from working. However Argosax was apparently strong enough to come back with the gathering of just three. Lucia insisted she be the one to battle Argosax and get traped in the underworld, after learning she was in fact a demonic entity created by Arius. To solve this dilemma, Dante used the coin once again, suggesting they flip for it. Just before entering the void, Dante wiped away Lucia's tears and gave her the coin.


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