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    A largely pastoral planet featured in the Star Wars galaxy. In the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic franchise, it is home to a Jedi Academy, numerous farming settlements and a remnant of nomad bounty hunters from the Mandalorian Wars.

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    Dantooine is an arboreal world in the Star Wars Galaxy. The planet is featured primarily in the KOTOR series of games, where it housed a Jedi Academy, until it was destroyed by Malak near the end of his life. Dantooine is a agricultural world dotted with small settlements and farms, although there is also a thriving mercenary element on the planet. It was razed by Malak's forces during the Jedi Civil War, but it slowly rebuilt over the years. Dantooine was known to have housed a Rebel base during the Galactic Civil War.

    Despite the similar name to Tatooine, the two planets are not related.


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