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I really don't know what happened to this game, I played it during beta and about 9 months into release, I thought it was a fantastic game, with a super community, but now its just ... old.

Its not that it isn't fun, and that the community is lacking. Im sure this game has its devoted fan base as well, but it really seems like somethings just didn't grow old well.

The animations and frame rate of the game are horrible. Skin textures are amazingly good, but since animation is down the tube as soon as your character moves at all the spell as they say is broken. Also the world is gobsmackingly empty.... empty... empty.

The new tutorial is nice, no scratch that its better than nothing, but really does nothing to help people get acclimated to real game play... just how to target and... right click.

Maybe Its just me, maybe Im too spoiled with games like EQ2 (which im convinced people dont like because its too hard) Eve Online (which people dont like because its too complex) or World of Warcraft (which people dont like because its too trendy), but none of those existed... I think I'd play EQ1 or UO.

It really makes me sad that this game just couldnt better itself more over the years, maybe nothing will prove its as long lasting as UO and EQ.

Sorry DAoC!

Overall score = 6.0

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Posted By Shawk

What happend was ToA.

It really introduced the, "elitist" aspect of this game, it allowed 8 mans groups to take on 16 newbs of same level without any real sweat.

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